Watch Foo Fighters Debut New Song “Sunday Rain”


Foo Fighters recently debuted a new song titled “Sunday Rain” off of their new album Concrete and Gold.

Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins discussed how President Donald Trump inspired the band’s new song “Run” in a new ET interview. Alternative Nation transcribed their quotes.

Grohl said, “Actually, we had been kind of jamming around, rehearsing, and writing, but I hadn’t written any lyrics, but we had all these instrumentals. I thought, ‘I’m going to go away for a bit and write some lyrics, and it happened right as Trump became the nominee for our Presidential election.

There was this feeling of hopelessness and despair, there was something about running away from it all and finding peace. The song is basically about trying to find a place where you feel free, and there’s peace.”

Taylor Hawkins quipped, “And you can hide from Donald Trump.”

Grohl added, “Then he won [the Presidency].”

Hawkins then joked that the band wrote a song called “We’re Fucked” about the President. “Then we’re ‘We’re Fucked.’ That didn’t make it.”

Grohl joked they should do a new album called ‘We’re Fucked.’