Watch New Stone Temple Pilots Singer’s Incredible Cover Of Tool’s “Sober”


Today is Giving Tuesday. Alternative Nation have written a piece about 10 charities Grunge artists support and the heartwarming stories behind them. Click here to read the article.

As we’ve been reporting, new Stone Temple Pilots frontman Jeff Gutt covered several songs from 90’s alternative rock artists in his career prior to joining STP. Below is Gutt covering Tool’s classic “Sober.”

New Stone Temple Pilots frontman Jeff Gutt has covered a large portion of Alice In Chains’ catalog over his years as a working musician. Watch Gutt perform 23 Alice In Chains songs and Mad Season’s “River of Deceit” below.

Gutt compared his STP audition to Mark Wahlberg’s character in Rock Star in a new Rolling Stone article.

“I came in and I picked the hardest song first, which was ‘Piece of Pie.’ There’s not a lot of space to breathe in that song. But I figured, ‘If I get past this one I’ll be good.’ And one thing I remember is that the microphone was turned up really loud from the guy before me, and when I grabbed it the monitors just started screaming. It was pretty insane.”

For Gutt, it was also surreal. “I was probably 16 or 17 when Core came out,” he says, “and I just remember how Scott could cater to the song and create these characters. That blew me away. I was really studying singers at the time and Scott was at the top of the list. So walking in on that first day, it was crazy. I mean, you have dreams about things like this. I still feel a little Mark Wahlberg–ish.”