Watch Videos From Chris Cornell’s First Show Of 2016


Last Thursday, Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell performed his first show of 2016, a private concert at The Roxy in Los Angeles. See the setlist, video clips, and photos below!


Chris Cornell from Soundgarden @theroxy amazing show tonight!!!

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Might ah been creeping a lil' bit on the golden voice of God @chriscornellofficial last night Mahaloz @markkley

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Chris Cornell from Soundgarden @theroxy amazing show tonight!!!

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Set 1: Chris Cornell at the Roxy

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Chris Cornell discussed David Bowie in a recent Rolling Stone piece. Read an excerpt below:

“I’ve played his song ‘Lady Stardust,’ from Ziggy Stardust, live in my solo shows over the years because I always loved it on the album, and, for some reason, it reminds me of Andy Wood. I wanted to play it in tribute to him, but then I ended up writing a bunch of songs for Temple of the Dog and those took precedence. When Soundgarden split up in ’98, I came across that song, and I remember sitting in my car in the driveway listening to it, and there’s that lyric, ‘He was all right, the band was all together,’ and it’s so hopeful. My band had just broken up. And it really gutted me. So that was when I started doing it. I haven’t played it more than a couple times live, but it’s like the one song of his that I’ve always been drawn to. I just really love it.

When I woke up yesterday, I was already thinking about David Bowie. I was checking out his new record a couple of days ago; I was reading about it, I’d listened to a few songs. Then I saw the news. Hearing he’d died was just a really sad thing. I was very happy with Blackstar. I was really happy with his last album, The Next Day, too. Both albums show an ongoing evolution. I need people like David Bowie, people who are always moving on and not in a frustrating or slovenly way. It encourages me because I want to be able to write music and create albums until I drop dead.”