Will Ferrell ‘Messed Up’ Josh Homme Performance


In a recent interview reported by Ultimate Guitar, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme revisits a classic Saturday Night Live performance where comedy legend Will Ferrell joined the band on stage, wielding his infamous cowbell and bringing laughter to the rehearsal room.

Will Ferrell’s “More Cowbell” sketch, featuring the fictional Blue Öyster Cult member Gene Frenkle, remains a standout moment in the history of Saturday Night Live. The sketch, which became a one-hit-wonder, left a lasting impression on audiences. Fast forward five years to 2005, and Ferrell reprised his cowbell theatrics when Queens of the Stone Age graced the SNL stage to promote their album “Lullabies to Paralyze.”

While the live performance showcased Josh Homme keeping a stoic demeanor throughout Ferrell’s cowbell antics, the QOTSA mastermind revealed that maintaining a straight face during the rehearsal was an entirely different story.

In the interview, Homme recalls Ferrell’s commitment to the sketch and the challenge it posed: “We happened to have a song that demanded more cowbell, and [Will Ferrell] told me he was going to do that. And then in the dress rehearsal, playing ‘Little Sister’ with him coming out, I lost it. I started laughing. I couldn’t contain myself. I messed up the guitar solo. I couldn’t keep it together, partially because Will was so serious.”

Homme sheds light on the intensity of Ferrell’s SNL schedule, emphasizing the actor’s exhaustive involvement in every sketch. The musician describes Ferrell’s disheveled appearance during rehearsal, including a falling beard and an unintentional belly reveal, contributing to the hilarity that left everyone in stitches.

Despite the initial difficulty in keeping a straight face, Homme and Ferrell agreed to maintain composure during the live taping. Homme reflects on the challenge: “It was so helpful to have gone through that rehearsal because looking at Will Ferrell sweating, with his belly out and [banging] the cowbell, it’s impossible [not to laugh]. But the second time I managed to keep a straight face.”

Josh Homme’s reminiscence offers a delightful peek behind the curtain of one of SNL’s most memorable musical moments. The synergy between rock and comedy, embodied by Homme and Ferrell, created an unforgettable blend of music and laughter, proving that even the most seasoned performers can succumb to the infectious hilarity of a well-executed comedy sketch.

Queens of the Stone Age – Little Sister & In My Head – SNL 2005 from jejjhander on Vimeo.