Watch WWE Wrestler Spoof Layne Staley


WWE wrestler Elias recently discussed covering the Layne Staley penned Alice In Chains classic “Nutshell” in an interview with Loudwire. Elias hilariously changed the lyrics to the song, turning it into a spoof to mock the crowd as part of his villain wrestling character.

So Elias, how do you think we did?

“Let’s see, let’s see. Well, I could have had a better interviewer, first and foremost. Aside from that, I’ve gotta say — it was cool, man. It was really cool to be interviewed and any chance I get to put my voice out there, put my soul out on the line for people, it’s a good thing.”

I’ve heard you’re a big fan of Alice in Chains. How did they impact your life?

“Well, it’s not just Alice in Chains. They’re a band that I absolutely like, but I love the whole grunge scene and that’s the era I grew up in. It influenced my sound and my vibe. Alice in Chains is great, I love the song ‘Nutshell’ and I even, at one point on Monday Night Raw, covered that song as a little nod to a band I really like.”

Watch video of the performance from WWE Monday Night Raw below.