8 Previously Unreleased Chester Bennington Songs Leak


LPLive have unearthed eight previously unreleased demos from late Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots singer Chester Bennington to mark what would have been his 42nd birthday.

LPLive wrote, “On Chester’s birthday, LPLive and LinkinParkBR are beyond delighted to provide a glimpse into his past as he was just beginning his solo project (what would later become Dead By Sunrise). In continuing the #MakeChesterProud movement, we felt that this release would provide a celebratory feeling for fans and friends of Chester’s.

The CD, simply titled ‘Demos’, features nine tracks.

The big highlight of this release that immediately catches your eye is the long-awaited cover of “20 Eyes” by The Misfits, which Dead By Sunrise used to close their live performances. We actually called in to Dead By Sunrise on Loveline in 2009, where Chester thought they had released the cover as a bonus track for Out Of Ashes. The song ended up never coming out….. until now. Chester used to play a live version of the song with his cover band Bucket Of Weenies during shows in 2005 and 2006, as well as performing it with Dead By Sunrise at most shows in 2009 and 2010 to close out the show. Chester has said many times during interviews that The Misfits were one of his favorite bands growing up and 20 Eyes was always his favorite song by them.

For the other seven songs… all seven are raw unmastered demos in some form. Some have bigger differences than the final release versions (“Fire” with the original demo form, ‘My Suffering’ with the screaming verses) while some are very similar to what ended up being released (‘Morning After’).

Work on these songs began in summer 2005 at Ryan Shuck’s home, and they were written/developed over time in periods (2005-2006 and again in 2008-2009). If you are familiar with the Dead By Sunrise live history, you’ll notice some of these songs are rewritten demos from the original formats. Some of the material dates back to 2005, while some likely comes from the 2008-2009 sessions. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact date for this CD.”