New Stone Temple Pilots Singer Reveals Why He Won’t Use Scott Weiland’s Megaphone


Photo taken by Corey Hickok

New Stone Temple Pilots singer Jeff Gutt discussed Scott Weiland’s trademark megaphone in a new Detroit News interview.

The article states that on the new STP album, Gutt sounds a lot like Weiland, which he says is very natural. On stage with STP, Gutt has a slithery shuffle that mirrors Weiland’s, but he says it’s more of a homage than an imitation.

“There’s nothing preconceived, and I don’t go up there to do an impression of Scott,” says Gutt. “I try to feel the music as best I can, and if there’s little hints of Scott here or there, then I see that as a good thing.”

One thing he won’t do is sing through a megaphone, which was one of Weiland’s trademarks. “That’s sacred with him,” Gutt says.

A megaphone did play an important role in Gutt’s path to STP, however. On the day he received a phone call that he got the gig, Gutt was living in a house share in Los Angeles. He ducked into a laundry room to take the call in private, and as he was hearing the news, he glanced down at the floor and saw a megaphone sitting next to the washing machine.

“I felt like that was Scott’s way of giving me a little nod,” Gutt says.