D’arcy Wretzky Reveals Why Another Smashing Pumpkins Bassist Was Fired: ‘I’m 99% Sure’


In a series of Facebook comments, original Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky claimed that Nicole Fiorentino was fired because ‘fans liked her too much.’ Fiorentino played bass for the Pumpkins from 2010 to 2014, including on the band’s 2012 album Oceania.

A fan wrote to D’arcy, “:( I wish [Billy Corgan] could just be straight up and get you back in the band, it seems its what everyone wants but him.”

D’arcy responded, “He and i had a very long, pathetic conversation about that. Apparently THAT is the reason he doesn’t want me. i’m 99.9% sure that he fired Nicole because the fans liked her too much as well.”

A fan commented, “I dont get why he pushes so hard against something that was such a success. guess its on to more shitty tunes and cups of tea and wrestling matches…. God bless the pumpkins good name and just get him to hang it up before its REALLY too ran in the ground.”

D’arcy responded, “That, my friend? Is Einstein’s def for insanity- or is that what you were alluding to?”

A fan wrote, “d’arcy i hope you know the fans are on your side! we want you there more than anything.”

D’arcy responded, “i really wish there didn’t have to be sides. Thank you tho.”