90’s Legend Unloads On Kurt Cobain: ‘You’re A Selfish Piece Of Shit’


You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Don’t be ashamed if you are dealing with mental health issues, reach out to someone.

Former Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) criticized people who die by suicide like Kurt Cobain for hurting their families by leaving them behind yet again in a series of new Facebook comments.

He first linked to The Addicts’ song “Easy Way Out.”

He wrote:

“Called ‘the easy way out’ for a f****** reason dumbass… whatever you do, don’t kill yourself, that would break my f****** heart.”

“Please don’t prove me wrong and have the balls to stay alive and not hurt your family and friends.”

T.J. Zawsum commented, “Why do the feelings of one’s friends and family take precedence over one’s personal suffering? Who makes this call? For someone with such strong opinions about the subject, you’d think you might have given it more than the least amount of thought possible.”

Pogo responded, “Because you’re a selfish piece of s*** when you commit suicide, and you hurt other people without caring…. Because you care more about yourself. It also leads to more suicides in your immediate family and among your circle of friends. Now if you are suffering from cancer, euthanasia might be a good idea. But suicide is generally a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And if you have the money to afford medical treatment, get it, don’t tell me Rockstar’s don’t have that kind of f****** money? And I speak from experience asshole… I went and got help, and you’re getting blocked you f*ck head!”

“Caring about other people at least as much (if not more?) than yourself is an integral part of being a decent human being… particularly when those people are your friends and family.”

“I’m not trying to promote some selfless altruism, because that is basically a myth. However, I am trying to promote our interconnectivity, and how important it is for others to have us… just as us to have them.”

“I have thought long and hard about this, on many occasions. Both from my own internal previously suicidal point of view, and from the external view of having friends who committed suicide… and while I understand that people suffering from mental illness can sometimes not make the proper decisions, I too often find other people making excuses, people who have never actually been there. Because for some reason, people want to make romantic reasons for tragic events.”

“And let’s remember: if you want to die… don’t worry, you eventually will.”

“And sure, I’m being snarky and provocative and a total dick, because I’m tired of all these suicide apologists. Clearly, coddling suicidal people and glorifying suicides has not helped the problem all that much. Not that you shouldn’t be compassionate to those who feel depressed and suicidal, quite the opposite, you need to let them know how important they are, but you also need to let them know how they really shouldn’t do this to other people.”

“Getting back to Kurt and Chris and Chester: how come there were no calls to 911 or a suicide hotline? It’s like they didn’t even f****** try… now perhaps that means that they were afraid of looking like they were weak because they made a call for help, which is often true with men… but how do you think suicide makes you look? It makes you look weak as f***.”

“Ultimately, on a simple level, suicide is like littering: it’s easy, it’s convenient, you don’t have to worry, let someone else clean it up, ‘f*** the world it’s not my problem’… what does this one little piece of garbage mean?”

  • Diana


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    • the truth

      Neither was Kurt, until he blew his brains out. What’s the sound of one hand clapping?

  • DanSwon

    This fool again. Certainly not a legend. Also some very big questions over whether it really was a suicide.

  • N.

    Amen. He’s 100% right.

    • Jesse Bond

      Care to uh… Explain?

      • N.

        Well uh. I uh think uh that he’s right. It’s a selfish way to go out especially when you have a child in this world. You’re a selfish fuck if you can’t do what’s best for your kid. And no killing yourself wasn’t his only option.

  • Olga Stewart

    Brett, how come you block comments on the Chris Cornell articles but you lost crappy articles like this one?

    • HippieChic61

      You know exactly why he closes the comments Cornell articles..LOL

    • Diana

      To protect the lioness of course.

      • Olga Stewart

        Then why bother to post the articles at all?

        You want to protect her?

        Then don’t make the information available.

        • Diana

          To push a certain narrative.

          • Olga Stewart

            Which most of us don’t believe.

          • Corndog

            Brett is not trying to push any kind of narrative at all. This is his bread and butter. He is just trying to keep a roof over his head and he does that by getting traffic on his site. How does he get traffic? He does that by posting articles that people will click on. It’s that simple. There is no conspiracy here. He is not on anyone’s payroll. He’s just trying to make a living and get by like the rest of us, honestly.

          • Olga Stewart

            I understand all of that.

            But how come when the comments get nasty on other articles, the comments section doesn’t get shut down?

            It’s only on the Chris Cornell articles (where his widow is mentioned) that this happens.

          • Corndog

            I know you’re not trying to be argumentative Olga. I honestly can’t imagine you being like that in the first place:)

            Personally, I think it is because the comments on those kind of articles can (and have) taken it just a little too far, to the point where it actually disgusted Brett. Some of the things people were saying about that woman were disgraceful, and i know that i felt a little disgusted by them myself. I don’t actually read the Cornell articles (because i think it is time to let it go and move on, also because of the comments) but i do see the comments as they come in because i get a notification each and every time someone posts on AN. Some of that stuff was vile, and it is what prompted my post the other day where i went into how we didn’t actually know the man ETC.

            Disclaimer: I’m only giving my opinion here and do not claim to know Brett’s mind or speak directly for him in any way:)

          • Olga Stewart

            Thanks for your explanation on this.

            I guess my thinking is if the comments are going to be so nasty on such articles, maybe it would be better not to post them?

            I don’t know.

            There are times when I would like to comment on one of these particular articles. But I find I’m too late because the comments section has been closed.

            And it’s a little bit frustrating.

          • Corndog

            It’s not being posted to garner responses from us though, ultimately it’s to generate hits for the site. I can understand that. He’s just trying to get by like the rest of us. Personally, i would be more inclined to take the approach of telling people off if they take it too far (banning repeat offenders that ignore warnings) and keeping the comments section open. That way people who can be reasonable can still discuss it, and ultimately you’d get more hits because people would be coming back to reply to comments.

            Again these are just my opinions and i’m not claiming that i’m speaking for Brett:)

          • Olga Stewart

            I understand where you are coming from on this.

            And thanks for explaining that.

          • Diana

            I’m a bit late. First of all it’s true, between the loony murder theories and the personal insults it does get nasty in the comment section. But that’s the case in other articles. The SP/Dβ€˜arcy articles are littered. But because Dβ€˜arcy pops up in there and gives Brett his next scoop he won’t close the comments.
            So there’s definitely no conspiracy but whether he’s doing it willingly or not, he is still pushing a certain narrative.

          • Corndog

            I disagree, but that’s ok. We don’t all have to agree on everything:)

          • Diana

            Of course. Also you’re a PJ fan so it’s all good πŸ™‚

          • Corndog

            Sure am! Ten has been my favourite album for about 26 years now! Rumour has it i don’t like change:)

          • Diana

            That’s a fantastic album to have as a favourite for that many years! No need to change.
            Blue Lines and Dirt are my two favourite albums ever. Can’t place one above the other because I love both equally.

          • Corndog

            Ten just never gets old for me. No matter how many times i hear it, it always sound vital and fresh. It’s like a constant companion on the journey of my life!

  • Jamin Liberum Cogitari

    If you can’t read the mind of a person and you can’t live their entire lives in their shoes – you probably shouldn’t label them as “selfish pieces of shit”. Though Kurtd will definitely probably end up a literal piece of someone or something’s actual shit someday (if not already) – he knew he was leaving behind a legacy along with financial stability for his family — and likely that by dying so young he knew he’d be worth so much more and be able to support more people financially than had he continued to live… He may not have been completely sane at the time of his death – but he was no selfish piece of shit.

  • Kay B

    Unfortunately the right ones don’t commit suicide……

  • dakotablue

    This Gacy/Pogo guy has been “a total dick” lately by publicly dumping on everybody he’s ever known, so I guess he’s trying to be provocative by provoking some publicity for himself.

    • Corndog

      It’s working too!

  • John Utah

    Why does Alternative Nation give this nobody a platform? Pogo? this guy’s act is based on being over the edge like some uneducated git who needs attention….

    • Corndog

      He was a member of a highly successful and widely respected rock band. He’s hardly a nobody. I am a nobody. You are a nobody. Pogo, regardless of what he may be saying, is not.

  • Jesse Bond

    It’s unlikely Pogo would read this, but nonetheless.

    Suicide is not an act of selfishness because that would imply that suicide victims acted out of impulsive behavior, and not the other way around. People with suicidal thinking aren’t thinking very clearly, as their version of reality has been distorted through a filter of pain and suffering. As a result, people who are contemplating ending their own lives aren’t thinking rationally. And suicide doesn’t “benefit” the victims, so why would anyone think that killing themselves is a luxury vacation that they choose over their family and friends? You don’t gain anything by killing yourself – you simply cease to exist.

    So why do people do it? Some of them genuinely believe that they are a burden to their friends and family and would rather take their own lives so their loved ones can live in a world without them. Some of them believe they have no worth to society overall. Some might think that their family and friends can’t help them, that they are beyond saving. And some probably don’t have any real family or friends to look out for them. That’s a very common symptom of suicidal thinking.

    What Pogo lacks is empathy and understanding from the victim’s point of view. Because nobody who contemplates ending their own life wants to hear that they’re being selfish – that way of thinking only lowers their self worth and has the potential to push them further into suicidal thinking. The REAL selfish piece of shit is the one who thinks that suicide victims have no right to end their lives because they need to think about others before themselves.

    So if you’re not going to cure suicidal thinking, or do any research into how you can prevent loved ones from ending it all, shut the fuck up Pogo and crawl back to your dirt hole of living in the past.

    • Corndog

      I only read the first line of your post and already i have an issue with it. Where did you get the idea that selfishness is by definition impulsive behaviour? Respectfully, that sounds like utter nonsense. People can be incredibly selfish after considering their position for a long time. They can actively plan their selfish behaviour so that it has the best outcome for them and them alone. People can do this while being entirely cognisant of their behaviour. So, i put it to you that selfishness is NOT necessarily an impulsive behaviour.

      I’m sorry, but i cannot read the rest of your post when your initial premise is so completely flawed from the get go.

  • Criis Jerynn

    says the guy who literally said Marilyn Manson should put a bullet in his head…this guy sucks.

  • Michael Fearless

    “Legend” I don’t think that word means what you think it means. “has been” would be more apt.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Just a bitter old fuck in his mid 50’s that sells set lists for beer money on Facebook. No wonder he was kicked out of MM. All he does is fucking complain. 10+ years after getting kicked out he’s still complaining.

    • Corndog

      You have an issue with people in their mid 50’s?

      • Olga Stewart

        It’s less than five years before I hit 50.

        I feel like I should be scared of it. But I’m not.

        Besides, for me, it’s about the quality of life.

        • Corndog

          Oh i have already started to fear the big 50, and it’s just under 10 years away for me! The whole process of getting older kind of freaks me out a little. The last 20 years just went past in a flash and i can’t help but feel that i have largely wasted my life. A lot of that is down to locking myself away from people any chance i get. It is hard to grab opportunities when the world makes you an anxious mess!

          I don’t think that i have ever truly been happy, not really. Sometimes i think about that a lot, and wonder if there is perhaps a finite amount of happiness out there to be shared around, and there just isn’t enough for everyone. Perhaps some people just don’t get to be happy and that’s just the way it is? God…listen to me. I should be writing lyrics for an early 90’s grunge band! Apologies for being such a downer:)

          • Olga Stewart

            I think we all have a purpose in this life.

            It’s just for some of us (like myself), it takes a bit longer to figure out.

            Yes, happiness is what a lot of people desire. But it doesn’t always work out that way. :(.

            If only it could happen for everyone.

          • Corndog

            If only indeed Olga!