Alice In Chains Reveal Eerie Similarities Between Layne Staley & Axl Rose


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell discussed Layne Staley and Axl Rose suffering the same injury in an interview on Let There Be Talk with Dean Delray.

“He wrecked on the four wheeler behind the stage. You know what’s really funny about that, he didn’t miss a show at all, he played with a broken foot that night on crutches just kind of singing at the mic. He went and had surgery the next day, put a couple of pins in his foot, pretty much the same break that Axl had at the beginning of this tour.

You’ve got to roll with it and make it work. He did, and he had that kind of dark creepy insect sort of vibe anyways as himself, so we put him in a wheelchair and brought all this dressing room furniture, we put a little living room out there so he had places to go, sit on the couch and sing. He played it up and went with it. That’s another thing, when we got to do those shows with Guns N’ Roses in [2016], when Axl fell at the Troubadour and broke his fucking foot, pretty much the same break, and the fucker, he dealt with it.

What do you do? Dave Grohl comes in with a fuckin’ throne that he had to ride when he broke his fuckin’ foot, and he did it. In a weird way, probably starting that thing up again, okay, now you’re really limited, you’re here, I’ve never heard him sing better. All you can do is sit there and focus and sing, and it’s not that the guy is fucking wild or a bad singer anyways, he’s one of the best and most consistent I’ve ever heard, but I remember talking to Slash and Duff about that, the same thing happened to us with Layne, and we rolled on with it just like they did too.”

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    Now Brett, this is called a ‘coincidence’. Okay? Can you say that word? Go on, give it a try and report back. You can go one further and try and put it in a sentence. There’s a good boy.

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    How is it”eerie similarities”? Coincidence,maybe. Must be a liberal

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    Talk about a totally misleading title for an article…………………………….

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        This story for example: Nobody learns anything from it, and the headline is misleading. Even the protagonists in the story don’t see anything ‘eerie’ about the coincidence. I’m sure you were close to including a second part of the story, with an unrelated anecdote about Appetite For Destruction, so I at least congratulate you for your restraint with that.

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