Watch Jane’s Addiction Appear To Get High On Stage


Jane’s Addiction performed in Tempe, Arizona earlier this week, and Perry Farrell discussed marijuana on stage.

“Have you guys legalized marijuana yet? Yes? Oh good! Yes? I think I heard some good nos, no? What the fuck is going on man? We living in the stone ages here? I’ve got a terrible fucking story I’ll share with you. Last time we were here, we were driving out on a bus, and they pulled us off because they thought we might have some weed, can you believe that?

Anyway, they ended up taking a picture of our roadie, the drum roadie in the back, he had to take a picture of himself holding up his marijuana and his ID card, put a big smile on his face, how fucking humiliating is that? So somewhere there’s a picture of him hanging on a wall somewhere, at least it’s kind of funny, but really not that funny. Come on man, catch up, we’ve all got to smoke pot and chill out. It’s easily as good as alcohol, right? No one has OD’d yet off of marijuana.”

Farrell then started smoking. He later handed it to bandmate Stephen Perkins, who also smoked.