Alice In Chains Hug Pearl Jam For First Time Since Chris Cornell Death


Eddie Vedder reunited with Alice In Chains and their crew for the first time since Chris Cornell’s death backstage at the NOS Alive festival. Other Pearl Jam members including Mike McCready also greeted Alice In Chains. Below is part of the official Alice In Chains tour blog from The Baldy:

You know you’re reaching the end of a tour when you leave your hotel room, get on the elevator, push the button of your own floor instead of the lobby, and then stand there like a dope for about 45 seconds before you realize you’re not moving.

This is what touring can do to a human brain; chisel away at it until you forget to tie your shoes in the morning and nearly brush your teeth with sunscreen.

But it’s been a blast, and Lisbon was the final European stop of this summer tour.

When you tour Europe in the summer, you tend to play a lot of the same cities, same festivals, and even the same venues as other American bands that are over here.

It doesn’t only happen in Europe, but it’s certainly more common to find yourself just a day or two in front of or behind another band you know.

For us this summer it’s been Pearl Jam and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Both of those bands have played several of the same festivals as us, and they’ve both hit a bunch of the same cities.

Occasionally you luck out and play on the same day, which is what happened at the NOS Alive Festival in Lisbon, Portugal.

Pearl Jam headlined the night, so we knew we’d get a chance to see some old friends (and my brother, who is a PJ lifer).

It’s been a while since I’ve seen some of those guys and even longer since I’ve seen Eddie Vedder.

Our dressing room was directly next to Jack White’s, so when I saw Ed in our neck of the woods visiting with Jack, I patiently waited for a break in the conversation and then dove in and gave him a big hug.

We chatted for a bit and at one point he said that I looked good.

There is absolutely no reason for me to write any of this other than to shamelessly name drop while simultaneously pointing out that Eddie Vedder believes me to be an attractive gentleman.

I returned the compliment, and after a few more minutes of recognizing our mutual handsomeness and chatting, he went on his way.

Much like your heroes in Alice In Chains, the members of Pearl Jam are good guys, and despite the fact that they have gigantic frowning security guards around them, they aren’t afraid to embrace another grown man from Seattle in a squishy love hug.

  • Olga Stewart

    AAAaaawww Baldy. :).

  • Dude McDuderson

    You forgot, “and it’s heartbreaking” in the title.

  • Corndog

    “Eddie Vedder reunited with Alice In Chains and their crew for the first time since Chris Cornell’s death backstage at the NOS Alive festival.”

    I could have sworn that Cornell died in a hotel.

    • Olga Stewart

      See what happens when you don’t write something properly?


  • Leash

    I remember when this site was was run by someone who was a fan and admirer of these musicians. Then it was taken over by someone that learned how many clicks equal a dime and is now 100% fine with wedging references their deaths, without any relevance whatsoever, in as many headlines as possible. For clicks.
    The irony is that these artists established themselves because of their integrity, always fought to prove they valued the art and experience over their own recognition or popularity. To the extent that they all battled to avoid the trappings of fame and celebrity when they could, they were turned off by and feared fan worship. They despised commercial exploitation that they couldn’t control, opposed the use of their names, images and music when used for the wrong reasons. They didn’t always win all of these battles, they weren’t perfect. Some of them were able to adjust and come to terms with some of these things, some of them were not able to fight very long. In the end, shit caught up sooner or later, and for all of them it was too soon. But the reason they all left legacies worthy of remembering is the same reason their art got our attention in the first place. It was honest, it had integrity.

    I know I can stop coming to your site. Just like I know that I can ignore all the other negativity the world has to offer. But it’s still worth asking, respectfully if I can, from one admirer to another… please stop?

    • Corndog

      The site wasn’t taken over by anyone. It has always been run by Brett since it was originally called Grunge report.

      • Leash

        I know. Brett changed.

        • Eric Radziewicz

          Brett is such a cuck.

  • Eddie Yarler

    Jerry Cantrell released a new solo song today and you’d rather this post this useless fucking bullshit. For anyone who wants real Alice in Chains news listen to the new JC song below ‘Setting Sun’.