Dave Grohl Announces Stunning Foo Fighters Replacement


Dave Grohl revealed at a recent Foo Fighters show that when he retires someday, his daughters will replace him as the lead singers of Foo Fighters. Howard Stern recently revealed a bold Dave Grohl and Billy Corgan secret.

Grohl said, “Basically, when I get too old to do this, all of my daughters will be in Foo Fighters, and I’ll be [fucking around]. So tonight, with the help of my family, we’re going to sing a song off of the last record.”

A member of Rage Against The Machine recently revealed a heartbreaking photo of Dave Grohl and deceased rock icons. A young fan recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of Dave Grohl making her dreams come true. Christina Leigh tweeted, “One year ago today I met Dave Grohl while busking @foofighters songs and it’s still one of the wildest things to have ever happened to me??? 😭”

“Last time I checked the fb post of the video it was at 14k views and rn its at 64k….. Facebook didn’t even tell me I went viral. 😠”

Last year, Christina tweeted at a fake Dave Grohl Twitter account that she would be busking Foo Fighters songs in the city’s Byward Market. Leigh played with a sign that said, “Dave Grohl, pls notice me.”

“I’m just pulling my guitar out, I had just taken a picture of my funny sign, and my boyfriend just goes, ‘Christina, look,’ I look up and there’s Dave Grohl — his daughter had pointed out my sign and he was just sitting there, giggling.”

Grohl had his daughter take a photo.

“I think I swore. I was like, ‘If he does show up, he shows up,’ but I didn’t think he would actually do it. This is just something silly.”