The Blankz “White Baby” Is Punk Bliss For Green Day & Social Distortion Fans


Phoenix, Arizona may not be the first place you think of when you think punk rock. Hell, it might not even be on the list! But if The Blankz have anything to say about that, you better believe they’d tell you to rethink that. The five-piece punk rockers are thrilled to present their latest song, “White Baby”. And it’s pretty exciting to offer this wild band is this addicting as hell song to you for your listening pleasures.

The Blankz rock with a fury and aggression that anyone familiar with punk rock will love. But what separates them is their undeniable fun vibe. The drums pounce, the bass bounces, the guitars chug and the vocals dominate. “White Baby” is fresh, fun and raucous. But it’s got an old-school familiarity about it that really hits home.

If we rewound the clock twenty years, this song could sit with Goldfinger’s “Superman”, Suicidal Tendencies’ “New Girl” and Dead Kennedy’s “Police Truck” on the soundtrack on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for Nintendo 64. It has the vibe. The urgency. And again…the fun! “White Baby” is straight up burner. Who wouldn’t love pulling off a *900 at the Warehouse with this blasting in the background?

If you’re in the mood for some solid, in your face punk. The Blankz may just be the answer to all your prayers. Make sure to check out “White Baby” and keeps your eyes peeled for more from this excellent band!