Alice In Chains Make Major New Album Announcement


In a recent Guitar World interview, Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell stated that AIC plan to release their new album this summer, but it now appears that the new album will come out in the fall. Cantrell stated at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony in Cleveland over the weekend that the album is completely done with mixing complete, and that the band have signed a record label deal.

“It’s finished, we’re done mixing, and we just signed with BMG, so we’re in the process of talking about art work and getting everything together. Our dates start at the end of this month, April 28th.

I think we’re doing the east coast end of spring beginning of summer, Europe over the summer, and west coast in the fall, I think that’s when the record is going to drop. It’s good, it’s a really good piece of work.”

Cantrell explained to Guitar World, “It’s not that we were keeping it a secret—we just didn’t want to say a whole lot about it until we had something to say. And we certainly have something to say with this one. It’s a fucking strong record.”

When it comes to describing what fans will hear on the record, Cantrell is considerably cagier later in the article. “It’s a record we haven’t done yet, I can tell you that,” he says. “But it’s also a record that has all the elements of anything you would expect from us. It’s got our fingerprint. And we’re really proud of the material that we wrote and the performances we captured. There’s some really heavy shit, some really ugly stuff, some real beautiful stuff, some weirdo trippy shit… it’s good!”

“You know, it’s a lot of work doing a record,” he continues, “and I think it gets harder the older we get. But we just wait until we’re ready and until we have enough material that’s up to the Alice in Chains standard, and then we do what we do. This is just the racket that we make when we get together.”

  • Corndog

    Would it be safe to assume that AiC are fast approaching a point where they have released more music with Duvall than they ever did with Staley?

    • Joe Costigan

      With Staley – Facelift, Sap, Dirt, Jar of Flies, Tripod
      With Duvall – BGWTB, TDPDH and untitled fall release

    • Eddie Yarler

      Layne era, (including Unplugged and all never before released material on Music Bank):72 songs

      Jerry era: 23 songs.

      Its not even close which is something that has seriously annoyed me. Fans have gotten so vicious over “the band’s right to carry on” but they are hardly carrying on at all. Jerry has more solo songs than new Alice in Chains. I love them and am beyond excited to see them in September but I will say it a million times over. Hiring Duvall just because he was a friend was a mistake. Jerry should have either just assumed the frontman role (which he’s pretty much done anyways) and hired someone like Todd Whitener to assume his prior role, or gone balls to the wall and hired a singer who matched Layne’s strength and charisma like Corey Taylor. I will always admire STP for working their asses off and getting someone truly right for the band. Maybe if Jerry did the same we wouldn’t be getting 3 albums in a span of 13 years. I genuinely worry that he’s lost inspiration sometimes.

      I also have a reply to get back to you on which I will do sometime soon haha

      • Corndog

        I wash just thinking of the number of albums that had been released. Never really considered unreleased material.

        I listened to the first album they put out with Duvall and i thought that his singing was pretty decent, although the album as a whole didn’t really do anything for me. Never bothered with the dinosaurs one. Do you not like his voice, or just not think that it fits the band? I never would have thought of Corey Taylor. I’m not overly familiar with him having only ever heard one Slipknot record and none of his Stone Sour work. I will say though that i think he has a great voice for rock. He seems like a really good singer!

        • Eddie Yarler

          Of the three singers AiC has had Duvall is the least talented. As a lyricist he completely matches Layne and Jerry but aside from that I don’t think he belongs in AiC. If you’ve ever listened to his side projects you can see they just don’t have that sound. I’m not sure how much you remember from Black, but with the exception of Last of My Kind all the lead/isolated singing you heard was from Jerry Cantrell and he’s only credited on three songs of the 23 songs they’ve made. Duvall doesn’t set back AiC by any means, he’s very talented but I think AiC could be more with a guy like Corey Taylor.

          Listen to this. Doesn’t this remind you of Alice in Chains? Its a modern God Am to me, and has some of Corey’s best lyrics

          • Corndog

            That’s not a bad song at all man. I like it! Honestly though, i think it sounds more like Weiland era STP than it does AiC.

            That guy is definitely a great singer though. I’ve only heard one album, it’s just called ‘Slipknot’ but i think that it was some sort of reissue or anniversary release with extra tracks. There were a few songs on it that i liked, but the singer really stood out to me. He can go from screaming to singing properly without missing a beat and he has a really nice tone.

            Have you heard much Stone Sour? Is there any particular record that you would recommend with him singing?

          • Eddie Yarler

            That first Slipknot record is amazing. I’d probably recommens them before Stone Sour. The third and fourth albums if you like his singing. Stone Sour is good but Idk muvh about them to be honest. The first three albums are their most popular so I guess any of those three should do it for you. Either case I’m glad we have someone like that in the genre

          • PhoenixForce5

            Stop forcing Corey Taylor for AIC, its never going to happen.

          • Corndog

            I might check some of that out because i do genuinely like that guys voice:)

      • PhoenixForce5

        Both eras are still Jerry’s. He was the main songwriter when Layne was still around and he is still the main songwriter. Jerry has more solo songs because that was essentially 3 albums worth of songs. Degradation Trip Vol 1 & 2 was a double album. He wrote 30 songs during that writing period, 25 became Deg Trip and 2 songs from that became Alice songs (Died and Get Born Again) Jerry has never seen himself as a frontman and during his solo, it was more a case of necessity because Alice wasn’t going anywhere. Jerry is first and foremost a guitarist and he never wants to give that up.

        Much of Boggy Depot was supposed to be the new AIC album that never got made. The only reason why recent AIC has fewer songs is they haven’t released the songs that were left out from the albums. There were a lot more songs especially from BGWTB that didn’t make it while older AIC released them as EPs.

        Also, Duvall wasn’t just hired because he was a friend. Duvall and Cantrell go way back since 2000 and have been touring since 2001. Duvall’s band was the opening band when Jerry toured Deg Trip. When Bordin and Trujillo got called to tour with Ozzy, Jerry asked Duvall’s band to be his backing band. Duvall has been singing Layne’s parts and the higher notes since 2001. It makes sense that he naturally became part of the group. Duvall isn’t there because he sounds like Layne or can sound like Layne. He’s there because he’s a capable songwriter (who btw has an ASCAP songwriting award). Unlike Jeff Gutt who’s in STP to just sing the songs, Duvall is there to sing and contribute to the songwriting. Phantom Limb was his and Jerry’s song and its one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while.

        • Eddie Yarler

          I’ll agree that Jerry is ultimately one of the (now currently) most important aspect of Alice in Chains, but to say the 90s era was his is wrong. If anything Alice in Chains was more of a traditional band like you described as opposed to now, seeing as they had an established singer, guitarist, drummer bassist etc. Now we have two lead singers and two guitarists. Not bad just different. So Jerry can write 25 songs for a personal release but has barely made 23 in a span of over ten years. Duvall is a nice guy but he doesn’t inspire Jerry like Layne did.

          So Duvall was hired because they are friends? Cause thats basically the same answer. if Duvall is such a great songwriter why is it you only have Phantom Limb and two other songs for proof? Jeff Gutt has an entire album’s worth of material he created with the band, Duvall has a nice three.

  • lima85

    You are one of my top five favourite bands of all time. Staley or DuVall, it doesn’t matter, I’m glad you lot are still here.