Alice In Chains Make Major New Album Announcement


In a recent Guitar World interview, Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell stated that AIC plan to release their new album this summer, but it now appears that the new album will come out in the fall. Cantrell stated at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony in Cleveland over the weekend that the album is completely done with mixing complete, and that the band have signed a record label deal.

“It’s finished, we’re done mixing, and we just signed with BMG, so we’re in the process of talking about art work and getting everything together. Our dates start at the end of this month, April 28th.

I think we’re doing the east coast end of spring beginning of summer, Europe over the summer, and west coast in the fall, I think that’s when the record is going to drop. It’s good, it’s a really good piece of work.”

Cantrell explained to Guitar World, “It’s not that we were keeping it a secret—we just didn’t want to say a whole lot about it until we had something to say. And we certainly have something to say with this one. It’s a fucking strong record.”

When it comes to describing what fans will hear on the record, Cantrell is considerably cagier later in the article. “It’s a record we haven’t done yet, I can tell you that,” he says. “But it’s also a record that has all the elements of anything you would expect from us. It’s got our fingerprint. And we’re really proud of the material that we wrote and the performances we captured. There’s some really heavy shit, some really ugly stuff, some real beautiful stuff, some weirdo trippy shit… it’s good!”

“You know, it’s a lot of work doing a record,” he continues, “and I think it gets harder the older we get. But we just wait until we’re ready and until we have enough material that’s up to the Alice in Chains standard, and then we do what we do. This is just the racket that we make when we get together.”