Anthony Kiedis Reveals Why Red Hot Chili Peppers Were ‘God’s Gift To Punk Rock’


Anthony Kiedis remembered Red Hot Chili Peppers’ first show in England in a new interview with Absolute Radio. Kiedis said this was when the band saw themselves as ‘God’s gift to punk rock.’

“We played Dingwalls, a bar, and it was near the canal [in Camden]. We were so harsh and aggressive, just dirty little bastards. we came out and insulted everyone there, which was maybe four people. We proceeded to think that we were just God’s gift to punk rock. It was fun, we had a good one.”

Kiedis also discussed his bandmates bad habits.

“Bad habits, my goodness. Most of those habits lie in the rubbish bin these days. Chad used to have an issue with punctuality. First show ever that we played with him, we were around for 5 years before he joined the band. It’s a pretty good gig, we were a club band, but we thought we were a stadium band, in our minds, we were anyways. So very first show, he showed up like 30 seconds before we were supposed to play the first song.”

“Josh’s bad habits are being way too thoughtful, kind, and considerate. He’s just constantly gifting everybody exactly what they need.”

“Flea, I can’t even say his bad habits. It would wreak havoc with minds and the media, that goes to the grave with me.”