Axl Rose Alleged Disgusting Threat By Girlfriend Revealed


Axl Rose was discussed by the former wife of Warrant frontman Jani Lane, Bobbie Brown, during a new interview on Appetite For Distortion. She discussed how Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose would always call the building that her and Erin Everly, the former girlfriend of Rose, would stay at. Alternative Nation transcribed her comments. A Guns N’ Roses icon recently revealed when Axl Rose became like a ‘dictator.’

Brando: There’s a backstory, I see some old pictures with you and Steven Adler and one I believe was Duff McKagan who was at your wedding with Jani [Lane]. So I was wondering if you could talk about friendships with both Steven and Duff?

Brown: Yeah, he actually was there for me and not Jani, he was my friend. So I’m best friends with the girl who was the maid of honor at my wedding. Her name is Tracy Michaels.  She was best friends and grew up with Erin Everly, who was Axl [Rose]’s first wife. We all lived in the same building and I, Erin and Tracy would use to come over all the time and Tracy used to date Eden Everly who was Erin’s brother. So when Erin was dating Axl she would come over when they were always having problems.

We would always be sitting there and Axl would call and she would be threatening to throw herself out onto the street, and Axl would threaten that he would quit the music industry and drive off a cliff after becoming a candlemaker. We would be like: “what the fuck?!” They were just so dramatic. So, I just met all those guys periodically, I went to meet them all in the studio once because Tracy to this day is still friends with Axl.

Howard Stern recently made a heartbreaking Axl Rose revelation. Brown would continue:

Brown: She still doesn’t talk as much to Erin or Eden anymore but Axl and her talk every day. Also, Meegan Hodges, who is Slash’s current girlfriend and was his girlfriend years ago lived in our building. She was dating Slash at the time. This is a crazy story about Guns N’ Roses, I’ve never told it before.

You can listen to the full interview on Spreaker. A Van Halen icon recently called out a bad Axl Rose mistake.

Listen to “Bobbie Jean Brown talks Jani Lane, GNR, and New Book | Ep. 141” on Spreaker.