Howard Stern Makes Heartbreaking Axl Rose Revelation


Guns N’ Roses members Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan reunited a few years ago, and Howard Stern played an interview he did with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler on his summer vacation show on Monday, where a sad conversation Axl Rose had about ‘personal stuff’ about what happened with Slash was revealed. Howard Stern recently played a creepy Kid Rock recording. recapped: Howard asked if Steven is the guy responsible for getting Slash and Axl back together. Steven said he’s sure that he’s not solely responsible. He said he did have a talk with Axl years ago. He said he told him that they have to get back together again soon because we fucking miss them. He said Jon Bon Jovi told him that years ago when he was in rehab. He said that Jon did that for him. He said when Jon was young he was sweeping up at the Record Plant when they were working.

He said he was nice to the kid back then. He said he knew his uncle who produced something with them. He said Jon said that they had to get back out there because people need you. He said you have to do it or you’ll miss that place in time. He said he’s also the lead singer of another great band and he has the right to feel that way. He said that he wants to keep the fire and the music together.

A Van Halen icon savagely called out an Axl Rose mistake a couple of weeks ago. Howard asked if he knew Slash before he did the birthday bash thing. Steven said he’s known him and he’s done things with him a million times. Howard asked what is going on with Guns N’ Roses. Steven said he talked to Axl about it and there is a lot going on there. He said it’s personal stuff. He said he wont talk about it. He said they are getting back together now and they’re going to go out and perform. He said that people love Axl alone but he’s great in the band. A Guns N’ Roses icon recently revealed the first time Axl Rose showed up late to a concert.