Axl Rose Mocked For His Appearance In New Photo

41’s Vincent Flood recently tweeted a photo of Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose and mocked his appearance, leading to it going viral and several other internet writers mocking his appearance.

Personally I think this is nasty and unnecessary on their part. Axl is a 56-year old man, and looks very good for his age. In the last few years he has shown great stamina onstage with long shows that I doubt Twitter writers half his age would be able to physically pull off. Would they rather Axl died young so he looked like he did in the 80’s and early 90’s forever in their minds? Be thankful Axl is getting older and still rocking.

Axl Rose himself recently returned to Twitter to pay tribute to Burt Reynolds. He tweeted, “Lewis Medlock, Gator McKlusky, Paul Crewe, The Bandit, Sharkey…

Only two things in the world I’m scared of.

Only scared of two things? What’s that?

Women and the police.

White Lightning

Goodbye Burt and Thank You.”

  • Trovoid

    People are brutal. I’ve heard Axl isn’t a good sport about these kind of things but this is the world we live in now. People on the internet will pick you apart and next thing you know you wake up as a meme. You’ve gotta have thick skin to survive as a celebrity in the digital age.

    • Stone Gossardish

      Yea, Rose didn’t handle it well 10 years ago or so. It would be nice if he was just like “hey, I’m older. I’m not 25 or 35 anymore. You’re not either, so get over it, haters.”

      • Trovoid

        Yep, good old Western culture beauty standards.. Most others get a pass for aging but those in Hollywood or the music industry generally don’t.

  • Callofbooty

    how do you like the leftist now axl?

  • Tripsareforkids

    You disapprove, yet you grab a bunch of examples and write about it. Hypocrite. – Axl can own them all in one fell swoop. There’s no way to argue against getting older. Just watch the ending of 8 mile again. – GnR put on a fantastic show in NC last year. More than happy I got to see it!

  • Seattlesound21

    Time waits for no man
    If he changed his hair style or let it grow back longer he wouldn’t look as old

    • Allison Auld

      Axl has lost a lot of weight on tour but I agree – he would look better with longer hair. He looked pretty good in 2010. He was a little chunky but his red hair was long and he wore cool clothes. His long hair offset his chunkiness.

    • DieselChadron

      I’m guessing most of the original hair is gone. honestly though, I think Axl still kicks ass. dude did not have to leave his room for the rest of his life if he didn’t want to. these guys should be happy that he came out and is putting on shows again.

  • sharkguitar

    Guns and Roses made a huge mistake releasing Illusions one and two on the same day, which was a fad back in the early nineties. They would have made way more money if they had waited three to five years between releases of the two CD’s.

    • David Campbell

      Ooooh. I don’t recall that fad…I do recall it being said how uncommon it was for 2 albums to be released back to back. Just saying..

      • sharkguitar

        Ooooh…..Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Nelly, Tom Waits, Juliana Hatfield all did the same thing, among others.

  • xian77

    Cheap shots are just that…cheap. if you are lucky enough to still look the same at 50+ as you did in your 20s, lucky you! However nobody wants to talk about his ego destroying what was going to be the greatest hard rock band of all time! Appetite for destruction is still the only album I listen to end to end. Simply the best hard rock album of all time!

    • David Campbell

      Everybody always talks about his ego destroying the band. What they don’t talk about is the role Slash and Duff played in destroying Axls self esteem. Axl has mentioned this quite a few times over the years but nobody wants to hear that. Now people want to attack Axl for not being so pretty anymore.. God forbid you call anyone a fagot, A whore, a nigger, a fat slob, etc… Though. Why is it open season on Axl Rose all a sudden ??? Still a little salty over his punctuality issues of the past? Grow up people

  • person

    seems to me that he’s looking more & more like Angus Young