Nine Inch Nails React To Rumors That They’re On Final Tour


According to Ryanmcfly5 on Reddit, Trent Reznor has announced that the 2018 Cold Black and Infinite tour is not Nine Inch Nails’ final tour, despite internet speculation. At River City Rock Fest, Reznor told fans that they’d be back.

“During one of the intermissions (stage lights and audio cut out for a few minutes), we heard that someone out there thinks this is our last tour… It’s not. We’ll be back.”

oscillating000 commented on the NIN Reddit, “This sub? Stop speculating?

We’re talking about the same sub that heard a few 5-second snippets of random audio from some Internet troll and immediately decided they were legitimate leaks from a new NIN album. Multiple times.

We’re talking about the same sub where users who have never looked at a spectral analysis of audio take a few screenshots in Audacity and convince the majority of readers that a completely normal spectrogram contains hidden messages. Multiple times.

I don’t see this pattern stopping any time soon.”

Nine Inch Nails released their new album Bad Witch back in June, the third part of their trilogy that started with the Not The Actual Events EP in 2016.