Axl Rose Mocked For His Appearance In New Photo

1258’s Vincent Flood recently tweeted a photo of Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose and mocked his appearance, leading to it going viral and several other internet writers mocking his appearance.

Personally I think this is nasty and unnecessary on their part. Axl is a 56-year old man, and looks very good for his age. In the last few years he has shown great stamina onstage with long shows that I doubt Twitter writers half his age would be able to physically pull off. Would they rather Axl died young so he looked like he did in the 80’s and early 90’s forever in their minds? Be thankful Axl is getting older and still rocking.

Axl Rose himself recently returned to Twitter to pay tribute to Burt Reynolds. He tweeted, “Lewis Medlock, Gator McKlusky, Paul Crewe, The Bandit, Sharkey…

Only two things in the world I’m scared of.

Only scared of two things? What’s that?

Women and the police.

White Lightning

Goodbye Burt and Thank You.”