Billy Corgan Reveals If Rock Icon Could Replace D’arcy In Smashing Pumpkins


Billy Corgan has reacted on Instagram to the leaked photos of The Smashing Pumpkins reunion photoshoot which featured himself, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and Jeff Schroeder. He then appeared to crack a joke about former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones joining the band. Note that Corgan is being sarcastic!

“ANOTHER leaked photo, this one of me in a funny hat. WTF? I think if you look closely enough you’ll see John Paul Jones hiding in the brim.”

Corgan also shared a photo from a recent meeting with Smashing Pumpkins manager Peter Katsis. Katsis’ dog was also present. WPC wrote, “Not sure who is living the dream here? Peter Katsis or Winston? #LaLa.”

It’s unclear if the Pumpkins will be a four piece or five piece live when they tour this summer. Jeff Schroeder had been the band’s guitarist for 11 years, and if he remains in that role then the Pumpkins will become a three guitar band like Foo Fighters, and they would have to find a touring bassist. Schroeder had been spotted playing bass in the studio though, so if he moves over to play bass live then the Pumpkins could continue as a four piece.

D’arcy Wretzky recently announced that she was ‘disappointed’ to be informed she wouldn’t be part of the reunion, and that she was ‘supposed’ to be involved.

Not sure who is living the dream here? Peter Katsis or Winston? #LaLa

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  • Corndog

    So is it definite that Darcy is not going to be playing with them? If so, has Corgan said why yet?

  • Jesusswept

    Who was the rock icon? The dog? wtf is up with the headlines around here ffs.