Nirvana Appear In Bizarre T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial With Babies: ‘Kurt’s Puking In His Grave’


Photo credit pre photoshop: Gilbert Blecken

A version of Nirvana’s “All Apologies” appeared in a weird T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial on Sunday that featured babies and talked about equal pay and other issues. What does that have to do with cell phones? Who knows!

T-Mobile tweeted, “You got that right! #WeWontStop! You can never go wrong with Nirvana and babies, they make a great combination! ?? *Ashley Lingley.”

“Nirvana will always be great, just like us! ? *AshleyZikorus”

“I know right? Babies and Nirvana are a win/win. ?? WE ARE THE GAME CHANGERS! *AdrianAlbright”

The response on Twitter was very mixed, with one fan even claiming the commercial would make Kurt Cobain puke in his grave.

NBC reported Benjy Sarlin tweeted: “In a Falcons-like collapse, the Dodge MLK ad has been overtaken by the T Mobile baby/Nirvana ad for most insufferable minute of the night.”

I’m Stable tweeted, “Oh my god. Courtney Love sold Nirvana’s music for a #SuperBowl commercial. For a T Mobile commercial. Absolutely disgusting. Cobain is puking in his grave, the same grave Courtney Love put him in.”

“Courtney Love should be expelled from the United States for selling sacred music by Nirvana to T Mobile for a #SuperBowl commercial. I have never been more disgusted in my life. She sold All Apologies to T Mobile. This can’t be the work of @foofighters Dave Grohl. I am sick.”

Molly tweeted, “what, you didn’t know those babies silently smiling at the camera to a lullaby version of a nirvana song, with aspirational social justice narration were advertising t mobile?”

Frank tweeted, “the irony of Nirvana’s ‘All Apologies’ being rehashed to a cutesy jingle for a T Mobile commercial… so thick and rich, you could pour it over pancakes.”

Alice In Chains: The Untold Story author David de Sola tweeted, “Did anybody else find it weird to hear cover of @Nirvana “All Apologies” in a T Mobile commercial? @markyarm @AltNationNet #superbowlcommercials #superbowl.”

Watch the commercial below.