Billy Corgan Rips Radio Ban Of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan discussed his disagreement with the Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” being banned from several radio stations in a recent Instagram story Q&A. Corgan has discussed wanting to record a Smashing Pumpkins Christmas album, maybe we’ll see a cover on it? Below are some highlights.

Baby It’s Cold Outside getting banned on North American radio: What the hell is wrong with people?

“Enjoy the world that’s coming.”

Surprised to see first ‘baby it’s cold outside’ moan here – listen 2 the lyrics!

“So when Mick sang ‘she’s only 14 years old’ in Stray Cat Blues is that on your list, too, Bad Santa? GTFOOH.”

You noted Shiny was a collection of singles. Will Vol 2 follow more of a narrative?

“Vol 2 will be the full kit and kaboodle. Go big or go home cause baby it’s cold outside.”

What was the best part of conceptualizing and making Zeitgeist?

“Being told that the themes on the album of digital intrusion into our daily lives was paranoid and tin foil hat shite.”

Please don’t get mad WPC but do you have a whole seeing eye on your jacket (illuminati).

“Oh, you noticed…”

What made you stop playing video games? I’m realizing it’s not doing it for me anymore.

“Too much time from things I need to be doing. That said, very curious about new Red Dead Redemption game.”

What hotel are you staying at (:

“The one under the bridge. Think it’s called Troll Inn.”

Love that you do these lol, they’re fun. Sarcasm me!

“Is that kind of like getting an orgasm from the man who discovered vaccines.”

You are a god. I screamed ‘we love you’ last night. Did you hear me?

“I did! I went today and got a tattoo of your words put on my right bicep, too.”

What makes you sad about the world your kids have to grow up in? Hopeful?

“The hypocrisy of the world infuriates me. Lie after lie told with a straight face. What makes me hopeful is God’s intercession in keeping us from destroying one another over nothing but ideas and a false sense of pride.”

What are your thoughts on the nation grieving for George HW Bush.

“I think there is a big difference between political agreement or disagreement and respect for the office and how the customs of such respect can unify us.”

Would you ever run for President? I’d vote for you.

“After these past few years I doubt anyone sane will ever run for President again.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    Bill is not going to like that cropped up picture he was put in and I’m not sure we can blame him.

  • Corndog

    I agree that it is taking it a little too far to ban it, but i looked into the song when i first heard about this last Saturday, and i have to admit it is a little bit rapey. You watch some of the old performances of it, and the dude is so desperate for a ride he’s doing anything he can to get the girl to stay including physically holding her back when she tries to leave. If you watch the Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews version he actually full on spikes her drink to get her to stay! Honestly, It’s a wee bit fucked up.

    • Geniu Mecanic

      I think the song was originally written as a sort of joke. People have the thinnest skin now. It is a Christmas classic from a different time. We try to look at everything through the lens of devisiveness now. Everything must divide us! What a world indeed..

      • Corndog

        Agreed man. Folks seem determined to be offended and outraged these days at all costs. It’s a bizarre world we live in.

    • cdreyes81

      Sure when someone else acts out their interpretation of what it sounds like. Anyone can read too far into lyrics especially after the bill cosby incident.

  • Nonya Beeze

    ” . . . God’s intercession in keeping us from destroying one another over nothing but ideas and a false sense of pride.” Lol, lol, lol. Good thing people aren’t notorious for destroying each other on account of god. Or was that god’s intercession thinning the heard during the Holocaust? Manifest destiny driven genocide anyone? What a simp.

  • agentboolen

    He makes some good points there.