Gene Simmons Daughter Rejected By Big Name


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons has revealed that she was rejected by the big name labels, despite being a beautiful and highly talented singer and song writer. Gene Simmons linked to a tub photo of his daughter yesterday.

She was recently asked in an interview, “What was the most difficult obstacle you had to overcome as an artist recently?”

Sophie responded, “I’m in a strange place as an artist. I’m too ‘known’ to be on small features and collabs and not “big enough” to have a hit on my own or to be signed by a label (not my words). Luckily, songwriting is where my heart is and I don’t need to be an artist to excel there.” Gene Simmons’ daughter took a leather pants photo a few days ago.

Uzi_of_Use said, “Gene Listed as #34 on the 50 greatest bassists in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

Bruce posted, “When I play bass, I try playing like Gene, only because I don’t believe that the bass has to be so melodic, like it’s pretending to be a guitar. Big, fat, deep & rhythmic sounds. Gene plays bass the way it should be played in rock songs and I’m glad someone somewhere thought to agrandize him with one of these tribute lists.”

Mr. Speed wrote, “As such lists go, this is…another list. However, on a strictly personal and hence purely subjective note, I have a bit of a hard time taking seriously a ranking that places Gene Simmons before Mike Mills of R.E.M. or Sting, and completely omits Garry Tallent of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band (whose bass work is criminally underrated). Uh well.” Gene Simmons’ daughter leaked a Brad Pitt video earlier this week.