Blink-182 Singer ‘Feeling Sick’ From Cancer Treatment


Blink-182 singer/bassist Mark Hoppus discussed his cancer chemotherapy on a Twitch live stream.

“Ideally, I go in tomorrow and they say, ‘Congratulations! Your chemotherapy has worked and you are all done and you’ll never have to think about this cancer again for the rest of your life.’

“Even if the cancer’s totally gone from my whole body, they give me three more rounds of chemo just to make sure…

“The first chemo, I felt like I was a zombie that fell onto an electric fence and was just being shocked…

“The second round of chemo, I just felt very weak and tired. Really just like the worst flu ever. The third round of chemo, I started retching. Nauseous and that whole thing.

“We’re beating this cancer. It’s just a matter of time.”

Hoppus has blood disorder called stage 4-A diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, the same type of cancer his mother beat in the past.