Greta Van Fleet Singer Forgets Lyrics At Bad Show


Greta Van Fleet members Josh Kiszka, Jake Kiszka, and Sam Kiszka’s mother Karen Kiszka recently discussed the band’s early days with The Ladies of Comedy. An early performance where Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka forgetting lyrics to all of their songs. Josh showed off his newly growing mustache in a photo a couple of days ago.

Kiszka: Jon Webb saw them playing in the garage and at this point they already had a manager – Michael Barbee. Michael had seen them playing in the backyard at a birthday party or something and said:

“Have your parents call me”

Kiszka: So we talked to him, met with him and he said:

“This is what’s missing, these boys have what’s missing in music today. I know a bit and I’ve been involved in the industry, I would like to help them get to where they are going.” A Greta Van Fleet show recently featured a surprising drummer.

Kiszka: So he got them organized, got them practicing and all that stuff. Actually, it was before that, Jon Webb – the boys would play in the garage with us, and they would start playing on their own. John said:

“You know, you’re actually pretty good but you don’t know any songs all the way through and Joshua [Kiszka] you make up half the words that you do sing. So if you actually learn ten songs all the way through with the right words – I’ll put you on stage.” Greta Van Fleet recently revealed a new song called “Always There.”