Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Wants President Trump Waterborded, Claims Ivanka Will Be Arrested


Former Blink-182 singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge just shared a series of tweets where he lays out a bizarre conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and his son in law Jared Kushner are all going to be arrested for treason. He also claimed he wanted to see the President waterboarded, and wrapped up his series of tweets with a link to a fake news blog article.

Earlier, DeLonge had sent out a series of tweets with other bizarre claims, including that all of Trump’s adult children would be charged, which he later deleted. He wrapped up the series of tweets to a blog article with no sources or substantiated reporting. DeLonge quit Blink-182 two years ago to focus on his UFO and alien research, his e-mails with Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta discussing UFO’s were leaked in the Wikileaks of Podesta’s e-mails.

Below are DeLonge’s series of odd tweets.

Prophecy: indictment coming to impeach Trump

Trump worked with Russian spies and Mob to commit treason. Entire Administration is about to crumble

Intel Services from 8 Countries have Trump on video tape asking Russian spies to hack election and he’ll relax US policy towards Russia

Ivanka and Jared are involved and will be prosecuted

A sealed indictment (formal accusation of crime) was just delivered by grand jury.

Trump wants water boarding back… I say use it in him to pull out all the spies that infiltrated the White House

Enjoy…. big shit coming

  • Dave s

    What’s so crazy abou this? Most of it is true.

  • Eddie Yarler

    What a fucktard. If anyone should be busted for treason its Clinton, and that creepy fuck Podesta. I don’t even know why I’m surprised anymore. Most of these celebrities were bought and paid for eons ago.

    • nomad

      Precious Trumpkins. Hillary had a private email server that COULD be hacked – TREASON! LOCK HER UP!
      Trump: Hands classified information to the Russians. Oh that’s fine. Nothing to see here.

      • cmlukey

        Hey stooped, Hillary admitted keeping classified information on a private server. That is a felony whether there is intent or not. As with most leftists idiots, reality does not matter to you.

      • Eddie Yarler

        Lmao, her emails are the tip of the iceberg. Clinton has taken 20% of her campaign donations from Saudi fucking Arabia. Arguably one of the ten biggest human rights violators in the world. Why do leftists want to go to war with Russia so badly? Seriously, you act as though being friends with the greatest external threat to the United States is some horrible act.

  • Stifler’s Mom

    Tom DeLonge is seeming a little batshit these days. But dear God, I hope he’s right!

  • Ldog79

    This guy has totally lost his mind. Keep it up you guys look like a bunch of wacked out lunatics. Who would believe a word these bozo’s say. Hollywood is bought and paid for. Don’t let this guy back into Blink 182 please.

    • Sidharth Patel

      Mark Hoppus doesnt like Donald Trump either but at least hes not panicking like a fucken maniac. I dont even know what Barkers views are but I do see what youre saying. It’s kinda sad that one of my favorite bands has to stoop so low.

  • Daniel Ronczkowski

    Tom is getting loopy

  • Contrarian

    Why didn’t he bemoan about the multiple counts of treason done by Hillary Clinton? Or, how the head of the FBI, Comey, let her get away with it because he didn’t want Trump to become President? Now that was some fucking rigging. Not to mention the shit the Democrat Party did. And who gives a shit if Putin had a preference? The Democrats almost nominated a Russian Commie named Bernie. I’m glad their Party rigged that too…

    Further, let’s not even mention the Nixonian shit that Obama did. He was the Nixon that Nixon dream,ed about becoming. Using the IRS to disenfranchise voters. Destroying hard drives and lying about it. Having the NSA spy on every American, and lying that it even existed. Blaming Benghazi on a Youtube video and then arresting the author of it….

  • cmlukey

    His band was completely unoriginal and bland, and he is nuts. Total loser.