Alice In Chains Reveal How Band ‘Carried’ Fallen Grunge Icon With Them


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell discussed writing “Would” in a new video. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“A really significant thing for all of us was, kind of a heavier foreshadowing of some things that would directly affect us and our friends is the death of Andy Wood.

That song was me thinking about him like we all did, and trying to put that down, and just kind of write a little ode for him, because he wasn’t there, and everything was taking off. It was a nice thing to be able to use that song, it was very poignant I thought, because we kind of carried him with us.”

Alice In Chains singer/guitarist William DuVall discussed playing guitar with Jerry Cantrell in an interview with Framus & Warwick earlier this year.

“He definitely does some things that are unusual. Like me, he’s a self-taught player, so when you learn your instrument that way, and you develop your style that way, there are going to be ways that you think, ways that you voice things, ways that you finger certain things, that are really going to be unique to you, and if you try to teach them to somebody else, you might have a really hard time doing that.

Luckily for me, I have been surprisingly adept at sort of copying the general idea of whatever it is, if he has something that has weird fingering to it, I’m able to do that or I’m able work around it and do something that fits me. So sometimes, he might finger something a little bit different than I will, but the sum of the parts will be very effective.” He said that “Check My Brain” is an example of this.