Paul McCartney Devastated By Personal Tragedy In 2022


A fast life such as the one that Paul McCartney has lived is truly both a blessing and a curse. On one end, you’ve had and seen everything that you wanted to. On the other end, you’ve lived so hard and fast that life ends up catching up too quickly and you can’t seem to properly stop the ride that keeps pulling ahead of even yourself. This is what Paul has been experienced really all through his life since his career took off. The first tragedy that Paul had to endure was the tragic loss of his friend and bandmate, John Lennon. Now, it seems Paul has had to come full circle once again with such a loss as another sad event has struck into his life.

With a heavy heart and a mind full of grief, Paul has had to say goodbye to his father-in-law. Nancy McCartney has been taking the loss of her father as any loving daughter would. It’s sad to hear about such a loss as her father seemed to be a very well-to-do person who would go out of their way for anyone that needed it.

In an excerpt from his obituary, the following was stated which touched many upon reading: “Myron “Mike” P. Shevell, who rose from driving a pickle truck to leading one the most profitable family-owned trucking companies in the United States, died surrounded by his family on January 24th in Palm Beach, Florida. He was 87 years old.”

The obituary continues to state that Mike was a big fan of fixing cars and doing what he could to ensure that both he and his family were well taken care of at the hands of the business that he had built with the strength and determination of many men. We wish peace and love to all feeling the death of Mike Shevell.