Brian Johnson Makes Terrible AC/DC Stadium Tour Claim


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson’s widely popular series ‘A Life On The Road’ will make its American television premiere on Sunday, Sept. 15 at 9pE/6pP on AXS TV, featuring an interview with legendary The Police frontman Sting. Here, Sting discusses his preference for stadium shows over intimate settings like clubs and theaters and reveals the secret to making a small event into something significant and a big event into something intimate. Recently an AC/DC member revealed how a bandmate was brutally attacked by Angus Young. Alternative Nation transcribed Johnson and Sting’s remarks.

[Johnson narrating]: Today, Sting likes to mix up the big arenas with the more intimate gigs.

Johnson: You have to up and play in front of say, eighty thousand people and you have to have that same kind of feeling and bring them all in and make the event feel small.

Sting: Like to make a small event into something significant and a big event into something intimate.

Johnson: That’s exactly what I’m saying, How did you find out that was it because, first of all, it’s quite intimidating. I was looking at all of these rows of people and just overwhelmed.

Sting: I think it’s easy to play in the stadiums. It’s a big gesture, it’s one chord, lights. Playing in a club where people can see you, this close – you really have to work.

Johnson: Isn’t that one of the joys though?

Sting: It’s why I keep doing it. I do two different tours all the time, playing in a small theatre, club, and playing in a big stadium. You gotta keep that muscle stretched.

There have been rumors of an AC/DC tour featuring a reunion of Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams, and Angus Young. An AC/DC member recently reacted to being spit on at a club.