AC/DC Member Brutally Attacked By Angus Young


Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans told The Metal Voice that Angus Young once attacked the late Malcolm Young, leading to a fight. Brian Johnson making a gross remark to a famous actor was revealed yesterday.

“Angus lost his temper one time, next thing you know he goes flying into Malcolm, Malcolm fought back, little fists going all over the place but none really landed and it just broke up. The rest of us were shocked at first and then we were just laughing. Angus had a bit of a temper. One time Angus came at me backstage, cause he loses his temper, and I put my hand on his head so Angus couldn’t reach me and they took him away. Angus is known to lose his temper.”

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd recently revealed a surprising party photo after rumors of an AC/DC tour. Evans also discussed AC/DC’s early success, “In the beginning, we were a real band and we all had an equal say. When we first started gigging Malcolm older brother the famous George Young from the Easybeats, was the A&R guy for a new record label, Albert MUSIC (along with Harry Vanda) George came along to listen to us rehearse.

Then George said we will sign you up for a record and George Young and Harry Vanda produced our first record/ single ‘Can I sit next to you Girl’. We had a hit record immediately and it just raced up the charts. At the end of the year it was named best Australian group record of the year. We were playing to the biggest crowds in Australia and we also toured with Lou Reed. ”