Chester Bennington’s Widow Reacts To Ex-Wife’s Rant: ‘There Are Two Sides To Every Story’


Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s widow Talinda has posted two tweets following a week of attacks from Chester’s ex-wife Samantha. In a long Facebook post last week, Samantha accused Talinda of being ‘evil’ and using his cell phone to call her and Chester’s teenage son Draven. Chester’s Grey Daze bandmate and business partner Sean Dowdell responded by calling Samantha a ‘lying deceitful human’ on Twitter.

Talinda has now written, “June 25, 2017. I will forever stand for us and our family-with dignity and honor for you. I lost you-my best friend, my lover, my heart shortly after this moment.This was us until the end.I miss you. #fuckdepression #makechesterproud.”

She added, “Please remember what I have lost,what my kids have lost. Don’t be cruel or judgmental. I’m human just like you,with feelings too. There are TWO sides to every story. I will never speak out or respond publicly with my “side” of the story out of respect for myself,my husband& kids.”

Talinda has also continued to reach out to Linkin Park fans dealing with depression, which you can see below as well.

  • Kay B

    Good for her. Screw that other woman. Attention whore.

  • Olga Stewart

    Thank heavens that Talinda is acting both decently and maturely about this.

  • Glib

    She has a verified twitter. She thinks she is a celebrity. That is enough for me. They are both attention whores. I have no idea why Twitter granted her verification but at one point she sat down applying for it. Samantha is agressive while Talinda is very passive-agressive. They seem like they are both jealous of each other. Maybe they should both go away and stop milking his death for attention. On what grounds is her twitter verfifed?

    • Julie

      Uhm she probably asked for a verification because she was married to a rockstar and there are weirdass people out there who try to imitate her online. It’s not that hard to figure out, Sherlock. Anyway, good for her for keeping classy.

  • Ilou

    Talinda is just class. Wish Sam would just shut up. There is a reason Chester said he didn’t want anyone to see how his life with Samantha was and described it as “weird”. If not for his son, he would have probably ran away as far from her as possible. The woman hates everyone Chester knew, so maybe she should focus on the fact that she is the problem.