New Stone Temple Pilots Singer Reveals Incredible Scott Weiland Discovery On Death Anniversary


New Stone Temple Pilots singer Jeff Gutt made a heartwarming tribute post about Scott Weiland on Twitter yesterday to mark the two year anniversary of his death. Gutt told a touching story about discovering a megaphone when he received a call about his STP hiring meeting.

“Rest In Peace Scott. You are truly missed by all. Including me. My sound tech found this ‘random’ megaphone in the laundry room of my house share rental at the EXACT time I got the call 4 the meeting to join #STP back in May of this year. Had no idea it was there. #TrueStory”

See the tweet and photo below.

Doug McCausland wrote for Alternative Nation last month:

Stone Temple Pilots have announced their full rebirth with new frontman, former X-Factor contestant Jeff Gutt; after a blowout interview with Eddie Trunk on Sirius XM’s Volume and debut performance at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, STP rolled out their new single, “Meadow”, and have announced plans for a full studio album and tour in 2018.

Before becoming disillusioned with the music industry in the mid-2000’s, Gutt was actually the frontman of a Warner Bros. Records band, nu-metal act Dry Cell. Presumably an attempt at having another Linkin Park type success story for said label, Dry Cell’s online presence has mostly vanished after their permanent disbandment in 2010. Their studio album, Disconnected, is still on iTunes, while their contribution to the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, “Body Crumbles”, is their only available song on Spotify.

One of the band’s other recordings is, in fact, a cover of STP’s classic “Heaven & Hot Rods”, the second track on STP’s No. 4. Dry Cell recorded the cover for NASCAR’s 2002 Crank It Up compilation, and a live performance of the song can be found on YouTube, which you can view below.

Gutt has undoubtably come a long way as a vocalist, having abandoned the nu-metal sound of his old band and embracing a more soulful style.