Led Zeppelin Singer Sounds Older In ‘Rock & Roll’ Video


Another old rocker who’s not quite off his rocker yet, Robert Plant, recently performed I believe “the” song that captures the entire rock genre in one title, “Rock And Roll”. He also performed two other songs at a London concert in which the singer celebrated 30 years of “Later… with Jools Holland”.

The thirtieth anniversary show was broadcast on the BBC’S sister and lesser channel, BBC Two this past Friday, November 12, but happened to have been filmed the event at The Apollo, also in London, on October 5. We couldn’t tell if it was “live or memorex”, but one thing’s for certain, there was some singing, there were some instruments being played, and it was loud.

During the pre-recorded show, Plant appeared with Holland’s band and performed “I Feel So Bad”, “Lonely Avenue” and finally “Rock And Roll” – thank goodness the latter of the titles possessed a more upbeat overtone than the two prior whose titles are enough to send anyone into a moment of depression. “You are what you eat, and garbage taken in does produce garbage coming out”.

The show is currently available to re-watch on BBC iPlayer. It was filmed in the break in between Plant’s world tour with Alison Krauss, and his Ireland and Scotland tour with Saving Grace.

According to the show’s setlist on setlist.fm, “Lonely Avenue” was actually played twice on the night because of a technical problem.

The performance of “Rock And Roll” is available to watch on YouTube below: