Chris Cornell’s Daughter Reveals Favorite Songs By Her Dad, If She’ll Record Music


Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily recently did a Tumblr AMA. We previously reported some of her other answers, here are more from the Q&A.

Anonymous asked:

What’s your favorite song from your father?

misery chain or call me a dog

Anonymous asked:

I love your voice would you ever put out music of your own?💕

yus just wait

Anonymous asked:

What’s one of the coolest dreams you had ever?

i had a black tattoo across my collar bone that said “love is darkness”

Anonymous asked:

What do you wish people understood more about you? (PS: hope you feel better soon!)

people rush to judge but if we’re acquainted at all you know that i give a lot and ask for very little

Anonymous asked:

Besides Seattle and NYC, what are your favorite cities and why?! Happy 2018 to you and your family!

santa barbara and amsterdam are two of my favorite cities in the world

Anonymous asked:

Your eyes tell a story

i like that

Anonymous asked:

What’s a must see spot in Seattle for a 1st time visitor?

the pink door

Anonymous asked:

What’s your ideal career path?

something exciting

Anonymous asked:

What’s you r favorite thing about being a manager?

kicking it with people who have passions and goals and creativity

Anonymous asked:

What you are so pretty??


Anonymous asked:

Is water wet?

i don’t care

  • Kay B

    Stupid questions.

    • Megyn White

      It’s an AMA, the people asking questions are probably teenagers.

  • Rizz

    My IQ dropped like the times square ball.

  • Ryan

    I’m so glad you reported this Brett, ever so glad.

  • Olga Stewart

    To be fair, Lily was ill while she was answering these questions.

    But Brett, this is like the third time you have posted this on here.

    We get it. So please move along.

  • Eric Radziewicz

    You post like a tabloid magazine. Utter and total vulture.

  • Cristiann

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s a little strange that Lily (a seventeen year old) is already managing people AND has musical aspirations of her own? Like, I get it … both of her parents were heavily involved in music but still. She’s so young … I hope she’s just doing it for fun right now and that she at least considers other career options first. Same goes for Toni and Chris Jr. If any of them actually do decide to get seriously involved in music, I hope they do it because it’s something they’re truly passionate about. I wouldn’t want either of them to feel pressured to live up to someone else’s legacy.