AC/DC Singer ‘Robbed’ At Cemetery, Was Brian Johnson Hurt?


An AC/DC singer was disrespected at a cemetery, but it wasn’t Brian Johnson, it was the late Bon Scott. In a disgusting act, a so called ‘fan’ stole Scott’s gravesite plaque nearly 40 years after his death. An AC/DC icon just confirmed his last concert.

Bonlives posted on, “So it would appear Bon’s gravesite plaque and plaque from his memorial seat at Fremantle Cemetery have been stolen.”

Spellbound asked, “Again?” He added, “I hope the f**kers get [punished]. And if whoever did it is reading this – your mom’s a hoe and I hope you get fingered in the ****** by Edward Scissorhands.”

Meanstreak commented, “Unfortunately, there are scumbags everywhere.” Goulash chimed in, “We need to find the culprit and do some serious dirty deeds on them. Fucking scum!!!”

A fan recently complained that is dying, and that the ‘Van Halen News Desk says hello.’ Pancake81 responded, “Been thinking this for a while, the forums slow death, not Van Halen. Not our fault, the news is slow, or not coming. We can only talk about your favorite song from ‘name your album’ for so many years.

I love the buzz, the hype, when shit’s happening I come on here 12 times a day. Lately I come once a day and there is often not even a new thread. I doubt the insiders even know anything at this point. I say that because I doubt Brian and the boys probably don’t know much. Heck, perhaps Angus Young hasn’t even made a decision on what’s next.” Angus Young dropped a 2020 AC/DC tour bombshell last week.