Chris Cornell Making Out With Guns N’ Roses Collaborator Is Awesome


In the tradition of other alternative rockers, a photo has surfaced of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell kissing his friend, drummer Taz Bentley, who has recorded with Guns N’ Roses members Izzy Stradlin and Duff McKagan. Cornell also kissed his good friend Eddie Vedder on MTV in the early 90’s.

Taz wrote about the photo on Instagram, “That time Chris and I made out.

#chriscornell #soundgarden #imissyoueverydaybrother #thatvoice #tazandchrissittinginatree.”

  • Cristiann

    Aww, that picture of Chris and Eddie on their wedding day is just adorable. 😀

    Lol, it must be a slow news day … because I think I saw that picture of Chris and Taz on Tumblr over a month ago. Not sure why it’s only being shared here now.

  • makingconnections

    I haven’t seen these before and love them!

    It’s does the heart good to see Chris Cornell in his younger days, his freer days. Marriage does change most people who hitch up with a partner for life….

  • Olga Stewart

    Chris was an affectionate man.

    You see that especially in photos of he with his children.

    • makingconnections

      It seems like all of them were feeling wild and free and affectionate! Good for them… least they’re not among the many entertainment world men being exposed as indecent.

  • agentboolen

    I could have done with out seeing these pictures ever…

    • Olga Stewart

      I think it’s sweet.

  • 40sRunner Girl

    Okay… I knew Chris was a little gay or bisexual in the depth of his love and grieving for Andy Wood and Jeff Beckley. And then there was Chester Bennington, who couldn’t imagine a world without Chris, and then killed himself. So this isn’t news to me… kinda amusing, tho.

  • Allison Mandel- Giampietro

    I have had enough. I loved him but enough.. is enough.

    • Olga Stewart

      What have you had enough of?

      • Abel Cabezon

        Greedy people posting “news” about him all the time? Let the man rest in peace dammit.

        Though I gotta admit this article got me to click on it

        • Olga Stewart

          Funny but I mentioned that he should be allowed to rest in peace in another article on here. And the reply was that it wasn’t about him resting in peace. It was about the article being clickbait.

          And as for this particular article?

          I think it’s sweet that Chris showed his affection for others (regardless of their gender).

          • Abel Cabezon

            Yeah, he’s used for so much clickbait. Grrr. Glad for this one though I rather liked seeing those photos, unlike some other close minded commentators on here. Sweet indeed