Chris Cornell Revealed Plans For ‘After Soundgarden’ Shortly Before Death


Chris Cornell’s lawyer Kirk Pasich discussed some of his final conversations with the late Soundgarden singer in a recent Law Dragon interview.

“Then you flash forward to 2017, and Chris Cornell’s untimely passing. I had worked with Chris and his family for 10 years. We had become friends over that time and we had lengthy conversations about music and kind of what his direction was going to be. I think the last time Chris and I had lunch was at the Beverly Hills Hotel and it turned into a seven-hour lunch. And I don’t think we talked about the law one iota.”

He then discussed what Cornell talked about at the lunch.

“What he wanted to do after Temple of the Dog and Soundgarden, and Audioslave, and his solo stuff, his thinking for the future, how excited he was about various plans that he had. He was kind enough to invite me to a Temple show that they did at the Forum. I went to a private party out in Malibu that he and Sting performed at together. We just talked about a wide range of things, including his deep love for music and his love for his family, for his kids, and so with his death it was kind of a shock to all of us because that wasn’t the Chris Cornell that we knew.”

  • suz

    nothing, absolutely nothing but a nothing.

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  • Diane Neame

    Cornells lawyer, when did he crawl out of the woodwork, it looks like, they are going to be pushing the “Chris wasn’t Depressed or anxious, it was the pills, I wish the family would let the guy rest in peace

    • cindereller

      He was suicided, not unlike his best bud Chester!

  • Olga Stewart

    Apparently, Chris was supposed to work with one of the artists from a label that this lawyer was representing.

    And if he is the family lawyer, is he supposed to be talking about all of these things by way of an interview?

  • Matt Smith

    “A seven hour lunch at beverly hills” LOL, I mean that in it self seems like complete b.s.? What lawyer do you know spends 7 hours without talking law LOL

    • Cathy

      Can’t be much of a lawyer if he has 7 hours to spare

      • dmiller64152

        I’m sure he billed it.

  • agentboolen

    I believe that Chris had more plans after that night. I also believe that the medication combination caused him to kill himself. Obviously there’s no way of proving this but this is my own personal believes. Rest in piece Chris Cornell.

    • Cathy

      Really? The coroner said NOTHING in his system contributed to his death.

      • agentboolen

        Here’s the info from the coroner from Rollingstones website.

        Additionally, seven different drugs were found in Cornell’s post mortem toxicology report, including a significant dose of the anxiety medicine Ativan. However, it is the medical examiner’s opinion that “these drugs did not contribute to the cause of death.”

        Cathy do you know what an opinion is? At this point there was medication in his system when he died. With the information we know people can have an opinion, but to be 100% fact that impossible.

        Me I do believe his death was due from the combination of 7 medications that where in his system at time of death. That’s my opinion and with the information we have I’m sticking with it.

        • cindereller

          Lies, simply lies.

        • Cathy

          Your check is in the mail

          • agentboolen

            It better not bounce!

          • Cathy

            Coming for the K clan, it may

        • Nicola

          oh, by the way it was not a SIGNIFICANT dose of ativan. It was a low therapeutic range dose. CC was an experienced user of this drug, which was legally prescribed and taken as directed. It is doubtful that anyone who had taken the drug for some time would have any sort of “delirium” from a dose in this range as VK would like us to believe. The ME did not buy it.

          • agentboolen

            7 different medications in his body seems like allot to me, does it not to you? I’d think that many medications and all the possible side effects, anything is possible.

          • Nicola

            On the one hand, yes it might seem a large number, but on the other, your average American may well be taking that many meds. Sad, but this is the state of US Healthcare. Instead of food, supplements being 1st resort they are often overlooked. CC problems with anxiety and migraines may have prevented him from working were he not medicated. Prednisone would be for an acute injury or illness resulting in inflammation. This too might have impinged his performance. Above all he was suppoting a large and heavy financial burden so off to work he went on his 7 meds. Most of his meds were long term, so a sudden bought of “delerium” at therapeutic doses seems very unlikely. If you compare his drug list to say Scott Weiland’s (who did OD) you will see a big difference in quantities and classes of drugs. CC migraine meds were mild, and the dose of Ativan he was on probably would not effect a novice user, which he was not. The ME was very clear in absolving the drugs of being a cause of death. If VK disagreed, she could have paid for multiple autopsies. Instead she rushed to immediately cremate CC leaving no way for further examination of the body. The tox report however stands clear, unless someone can prove their machinery is faulty.

    • cindereller

      Suicided, it’s what the deep state does to you when you try to expose child sex trafficking going on all over the place! He & Chester had a mission to stop the corrupt in Hollywood and D.C. from running the Country & World! If you don’t know this you need to slap yourself awake!

      • agentboolen

        Hey I’m just saying I don’t believe he wanted to kill himself.

        For the Conspiracy theories of sex trafficking I honestly don’t know. I haven’t seen any real proof of it, but of course the proof would be hidden from a higher power if he had anything to do with this theory. I need more information to believe that one, but if you like to believe in Conspiracy theories who am I to stop you, go ahead…. Do you believe in Nessie too?

    • Dwight

      I’m with you in the same beliefs.

  • Cathy

    Looks like the wife is following a lot of anti benzo so-called experts lately. She still thinks it’s the benzos that did poor Chris in. SMH

  • Killian Courtney

    Cornells wife and mother in law are huge money hungry control freaks. Do the math.

  • Drew Nei

    Wasn’t that called Audioslave

  • Olga Stewart

    The lawyer says this: ‘and so with his death it was kind of a shock to all of us because that wasn’t the Chris Cornell that we knew.”’

    Maybe the reason you and others didn’t know this version of Chris was that he had no one to turn to talk about how he was feeling. So instead, he carried this all inside of him. And on that last night, it just was far too much for him.

    So if there is any positive to come from this, I would like to think that this will wake people up to both learning more about mental health and about being there for those you love (especially those who are suffering).