Smashing Pumpkins’ D’arcy Wretzky Appears To Reveal Money Offered For Reunion


UPDATE: D’arcy Wretzky has confirmed to Alternative Nation that it is indeed her who left these comments.

A few days ago, Alternative Nation published an article titled ‘How D’arcy Wretzky Could Still Join Smashing Pumpkins Reunion.’ We wrote the article after photos leaked revealing Smashing Pumpkins’ reunion lineup as being Billy Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and Jeff Schroeder. The band are expected to announce a tour on February 15th.

The article received comments by a user named Fey Wutt. In the article, Alternative Nation posed the idea of having D’arcy perform as a special guest on the reunion tour as a way to include her after news had broken of her exclusion.

A fan named IrregularJohn first commented on the article, “Not a dig against D’arcy but [Steven] Adler was way more instrumental to what was GNR sound than what D’arcy was to Pumpkins.”

Fey Wutt responded, “Because you were there– so YOU KNOW! 😂”

Wutt added, “… and why would she do that after having been offered ‘millions of $$$’ to play on a WHOLE TOUR that SHE WANTED TO DO and had SAID SHE WOULD DO? … only to have Billy change his mind AFTERWARDS because HE IS TOO INSECURE.”

“your article already sounds as if you’ve spoken to Billy directly …… albeit several weeks ago.”

Fey Wutt also attempted to comment an image that did not correctly upload.

Smashing Pumpkins fans have pointed out that ‘Fey Wutt’ is an alias that D’arcy Wretzky has used online over the years. We later confirmed with D’arcy that she indeed left the comments.

Fey Wutt linked to a December 2017 ’10 Reasons Smashing Pumpkins Will Reunite In 2018′ Alternative Nation article on on January 19th on Google Plus/social media by saying, “I truly hope you’re right, but it’s looking pretty grim at this point.” This was two days before her Blast Echo interview on January 21st.

The Fey Wutt Facebook account also posted something very similar to Wretzky’s post from her primary Facebook account after she claimed she was hacked following an interview with Blast Echo being published where she revealed that she was ‘disappointed’ to learn she would not be part of the Smashing Pumpkins reunion.

Fey Wutt wrote, “My fb accounts and possibly more have been hacked. That post was not me.”

On the same day D’arcy posted on her primary Facebook account, “I haven’t been on FB since- oh! i’m pretty sure i know who did crazy somewone IS hacking my phone&/or fb account.”

We would love to hear D’arcy side of the story as to why she isn’t involved in Smashing Pumpkins’ reunion. We’d love to hear Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin’s point of view as well whenever they choose to tell their story on social media.

  • Fey Wutt

    Hi, my name is CHING CHANG, the alias of Billy Corgan. Oh wait!! you don’t believe it because you didn’t “fact-check” it on Netphoria?

    • Tilman Müller

      May he not better ask her buddy PATRICK SALERNO, who was just yelling out at some SAD MACHINES Facebook SP freaks-group, that D’ARCY even got money offered to accept being out of the “reunion” band?

  • IrregularJohn

    Wow! I’ve been quoted in a pseudo-article on AltNation. This is surely a new low for former Grunge Report. I miss Felonious Punk and his shenanigans.

    • Alternative Nation

      A high, you were actually talking to D’arcy Wretzky.

  • DanSwon

    They should *definitely* have D’Arcy back in and it’s really lame that he changed his mind. He’s managed to sour the whole reunion before it’s even begun, but then Billy Corgan is a big narcissistic manbaby so it’s no surprise.

    • KREePyKiDD

      I think this decision has a lot to do with D’Arcy’s past. Maybe she said something to someone that she could never take back.

      Just speculation, NOT FACT!

      • Alternative Nation

        I’m in touch with D’arcy now, and hopefully we can get her full side of the story soon.

        • Fey Wutt

          No YOU*RE NOT. Fuck you.

  • KREePyKiDD

    Isn’t the whole IP reveal thing a breach of privacy and couldn’t D’Arcy sue Alternative Nation for this reveal or the fact that they are verifying that an Alias or Anon account was actually D’Arcy?


    • Alternative Nation

      I didn’t post her IP or reveal her location or even city she’s in, I’d never do that. I see every IP that comments on the site, I did it to verify it’s her, rather than posting it without double checking every way that I could that it’s her. She now emailed me confirming 100% that it’s her.

      • KREePyKiDD

        You did a lot of revealing of an Anon account. If you have to go through all the work of tracing IP addresses to reveal to the world in a story The Darcy use the same screen name two years ago you are indeed invading someone else’s privacy and then you make it public for everyone to read. So you didn’t tell everyone who reads this that she lives in Michigan?

        “‘Fey Wutt’ is an alias that D’arcy Wretzky has used online over the years. We checked the two IP addresses used for comments on Alternative Nation made by Wutt, and both IP’s can be traced to an area of Michigan where D’arcy is reported to live.”

        Yeah, you didn’t leak her IP Address but you put in more work.than necessary to make a simple point.

        • Alternative Nation

          No I didn’t. These are pretty bold quotes and claims to make, and if I was going to attribute them to D’arcy I had to be sure it was her, and I had to provide proof in this article so readers knew how I checked. I’ve removed some of those details now that D’arcy herself has actually 100% confirmed to me directly that it’s her, so it’s unnecessary now that I’ve heard it straight from the source.

  • ppslytherin1994

    D’arcy Wretzky is so incredibly hot, sexy, and beautiful in that photo.

  • Fey Wutt

    Hi, my name is CHING CHANG, the alias of Billy Corgan. Oh wait!! you don’t believe it because you didn’t “fact-check” it on Netphoria?

  • sundeathnight

    I already said that on Twitter but:
    D’arcy is the original bass player of the band, her voice in the background of “1979” or “Today” etc. is so beautiful and brought magic, I really hope she is back.
    I’m 31 years old and damn I’m still in love with her 🙂
    What a beauty, what a style.
    She litteraly breaks my heart everyday.
    The definition of perfection.

  • Dave

    My interest in this “reunion” tour without D’arcy is less than half of what it was with D’arcy. No D’arcy = not really The Smashing Pumpkins.