Chris Cornell Reveals Solo Classic Soundgarden Almost Recorded In Final Interview


Pearl Jam Radio recently did a Singles 25th anniversary special that featured posthumous interview clip commentary from late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell. Cornell discussed “Flutter Girl” and how it could have been a Soundgarden song, along with being delivered CD’s of his Poncier tape for Singles.

“‘Flutter Girl’ I always felt was just a song I wanted to take a shot at recording and releasing at some point. It was one of those songs I think that stood out to people, because we had a friend at A&M Records who took the Poncier tape and converted it to CD’s.

At the time, to master a CD and manufacture them, the smallest amount he could make was 5,000, so he made them and it was a gift to me, it was like 5,000 Poncier CD’s in this huge box. So I was handing them out to people, and a lot of people responded to that song in particular.

That song was probably more like what would be a bigger departure from something that I might write for Soundgarden, yet still could be something that the band could do. We just didn’t end up doing it.”

Cornell recorded “Flutter Girl” with Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider in 1999 for his debut solo album Euphoria Morning.