Keith Richards Calls Out Awful The Rolling Stones Performance


The Rolling Stones are back on tour after Mick Jagger’s heart surgery, playing everybody’s favorite classic hits. Keith Richards revealed in a new interview though that there is one song in the band’s repertoire that he believes was a bad performance he doesn’t want to relive.

Richards said he refuses to play “The Lantern” off of 1967’s Their Satanic Majesties Request. He did say though in better news, that the band have recorded 5 new songs with Don Was, and plan on finishing a new album later on in 2019 after completing their current tour.

He said about rumors of tension with Jagger in a Washington Post interview, “First off, it ain’t like that. People only hear about the conflicts, which, after 50 years, there may have been two or three. The other 99.9 percent of the time, Mick and I are very close friends and have grown closer the older we get. (Laughs) We are the only ones we know who are still alive.”

He said about the band’s longevity, “Basically, yeah, nobody has taken it this far before, and there’s no guidelines. And basically, we count on our audience. They’re incredibly loyal and you feel you would let those people down if you said, ‘I’ll chuck it in.’”

Jane Howard discussed picking outfits for Mick Jagger on the ‘No Filter’ tour in a new WWD article.

“As well as looking good, the ability to move freely and not be restricted by the clothes are crucial. So a lot of time is spent fine-tuning the patterns and fit with Mick’s tailor Owen Gaster to allow for movement on stage while maintaining a sharp cut.”

“Garments have to perform. Fabrics have to be tough and construction robust as Mick is so energetic on stage and jackets can get thrown around.”

“Many embroidery trials and print swatches are launched to perfect colorways and how they perform under the lights. The most important thing is that Mick looks and feels good on stage.”

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently uploaded a bizarre homage to The Rolling Stones.