Chris Cornell Statue Plans Revealed By Widow


SEATTLE (AP) — The late grunge pioneer Chris Cornell will be remembered in the city where he was born.

Cornell’s wife on Friday announced a statue will be erected Aug. 29 at Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture. The announcement comes on what would have been Cornell’s 54th birthday.

Vicky Cornell commissioned sculptor Nick Marras to create a life-size bronze statue of her late husband in his signature boots, dog tag and long locks. She says it is her family’s gift to “the tight-knit community that gave him his start.”

The Grammy-winning lead vocalist for Soundgarden and Audioslave was found dead in a Detroit hotel room hours after a Soundgarden concert May 18, 2017. A medical examiner determined the 52-year-old died by suicide.

Cornell was born and raised in Seattle.

Vicky Cornell wrote on Instagram, “You are my love, my life, my destiny…. happy birthday #chriscornellforever”

You are my love, my life, my destiny…. happy birthday #chriscornellforever

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  • Renée Lynn

    As someone stated a statue of Chris Cornell in Seattle will always reflect Susan Silvers husband. My best wishes to all the true Cornell family, today and always.

    • Cristiann

      Oh, please. Why bring Susan into this?? Why does everything have to be about Susan or Vicky? JFC. Chris was more than just somebody’s husband. The statue should (at least try to) reflect his spirit; it should reflect who he was as a musician and as a human being. This shouldn’t be about his widow, much less his ex wife.

      Are you unaware of the YEARS that Chris spent fighting with Susan over HIS own musical library? Are you unaware of the fact that he often described the last few years of their marriage as “miserable”? I mean, really. I’m not a fan of Vicky either, but let’s not pretend that the last 15 years never happened. Like it or not, she IS a part of his ‘true’ family.

      • makingconnections

        I had a young woman visiting recently who was telling me about her father’s poor health. Her parents divorced when she was 8 years old. I was able to tell her that I remembered them when they were young and a loving couple. She had no idea! She’d only heard about the end and the bitterness. I’ve been married twice and I’d sure hate to have anyone analyze either marriage!

        • Cristiann

          I’m sorry … analyzing? I wasn’t trying analyze anything, I was simply stating facts. Chris himself talked about this stuff in many interviews over the years.

          I’m sure that there was a time when Chris and Susan loved each other. And yes, they had a beautiful child together, but the reality is that the last few years of their were very unhappy ones. They had a very bitter divorce and they fought in court for years. It’s the truth.

          • makingconnections

            Think of Chris’s children–don’t they deserve to know they came into this world because of love? That’s what matters in the end in my opinion. I don’t think we ever know “the truth” about our own marriages, never mind what a celebrity says in an interview. That’s why I can’t bear Howard Stern. He uses people in a terrible way and the words are left forever as “truth”….

          • Cristiann

            I do think about his children; I’m sure they were all brought into the world with love. What does that have anything to do with what I’ve been trying to say here??

            Nothing that I’ve said in this post is worse than any of the things that both Chris and Susan have said about each other since their separation. Chris opened up about their bitter divorce in other interviews besides the Howard Stern one. If you don’t believe me, I can link you to a few of them. Obviously, I don’t know what went wrong in his first marriage … but it doesn’t take a genius to see that those two had lots of problems.

            All I’m saying is that I wish people would stop putting Susan on a pedestal (at least in regards to her relationship with Chris). Personally, it just gets on my nerves when some people define him by either his widow or his ex. I’d rather the focus remain on his actual talent, his kindness and on what a good father he was.

          • makingconnections

            You are going to have quite a lot getting on your nerves Cristiann if you’re wanting to have people speak in a certain way about Chris Cornell’s wives. None of us is perfect…including Chris and I hope he’s found complete peace in the hereafter. I think I know you well enough to know that’s all you really care about too.

          • Cristiann

            It’s not so much that I want people to only talk about them in a certain way; I just think that if we can criticize someone for their current (or past) bad behavior, then it should be okay to criticize others for the same or for similar reasons as well.

            You’re right, though … I should probably be used to it by now since it’s not like any of this stuff is new. I gotta try to focus more on the positive things that Chris gave us and learn to ignore/forget about the negatives from his personal life. I don’t want any of that stuff to take away from my enjoyment of his work.

            I know Chris wasn’t a perfect person and neither am I; we all make mistakes and screw up sometimes. And yes, MC … that is what I truly care about. All any of us can hope for now is that Chris is at peace. Though, the selfish part of me will always wish he were still here.

          • makingconnections

            I think that’s what death has taught me is that none of those crazy details really matter in the end…not that I don’t fret over the unfairness like you do….as all my previous posts have shown. The love Chris left people with is all that matters now though. All the drama is over.
            Now watch–tomorrow I’ll be ranting about it again, flawed creature than I am..haha!

      • Renée Lynn

        That statue shouldn’t even exist, Chris would not have wanted it and I’m completely aware of what Chris and that disgusting woman did to Susan for years.

        • Cristiann

          Why shouldn’t the statue exist? I don’t see what’s so unbelievably offensive about it. And how do you know what Chris would have or wouldn’t have wanted? I didn’t know him and I’m sure you didn’t either, so please give this crap a rest already.

          You honestly think that it was ALL their fault?? Seriously?? Wow, okay then. You can believe whatever you want, but as far as I can tell Susan is just as responsible for the ugliness that happened between her and Chris. That situation was not as black and white as you may think.

      • Trovoid

        I’ve heard him go as far to say that his marriage with Susan was a “mistake from the start.” I really like how you brought up that Chris was more than just somebody’s husband. In Vicky’s case it seems her entire identity revolves around being married to him. I mean FFS, I want to see more articles about his music and who he was as a person. I’m sick of his name being dragged through the mud. The guy had a 4 octave vocal range, was an incredible songwriter, had a huge catalog. He was one of the most innovative lyricists ever, an underrated guitar player, a drummer.. And yet we keep getting these gossipy/fluffed up comments and ‘articles.’ I get your frustration.

      • Trovoid

        I’ve heard him go as far to say that his marriage with Susan was a “mistake from the start.” I really like how you brought up that Chris was more than just somebody’s husband. In Vicky’s case it seems her entire identity revolves around being married to him. I mean FFS, I want to see more articles about his music and who he was as a person. I’m sick of his name being dragged through the mud. The guy had a 4 octave vocal range, was an incredible songwriter, had a huge catalog. He was one of the most innovative lyricists ever, an underrated guitar player, a drummer.. And yet we keep getting these gossipy/fluffed up comments and ‘articles.’ I get your frustration. Not to focus on Vicky again but it really bugs me that she dismisses the idea that his lyrics were very troubling. That’s a slap in the face considering his openness and vulnerability.

        • Cristiann

          Aww, Troviod! It’s so good to see you around here again. I’ve missed talking to you 🙂

          Yes, I remember hearing Chris say that about their marriage as well. It may sound harsh to some people but considering how ugly things got between them … it’s not surprising to me that he (and her) would’ve felt that way. I remember he also said once that the best thing that came out of their relationship was their daughter, Lily.

          “I mean FFS, I want to see more articles about about his music and who he was as a person. I’m sick of his name being dragged through the mud. The guy had a 4 octave vocal range, was an incredible songwriter, had a huge catalogue. He was one of the most innovative lyricists ever, an underrated guitar, a drummer.. And yet we keep getting these gossipy/fluffed up up comments and ‘articles’. I get your frustration.” — EXACTLY. Thanks for putting everything into words so perfectly. This is exactly how I feel, so it’s nice to know that someone gets where I’m coming from.

          Honestly, it would be great if the focus could go back to being (primarily) on Chris’ music, his thoughtfulness and shy personality. It’s beginning to get so tiring for everything to always revolve around his personal life.

          • Trovoid

            You’re so lovely. I’ve missed talking to you too. How have you been?Whatcha been doing this summer?

            Yeah I’m sure part of the reason Chris said that is because it was such a rough split. They were together from 1985 to early 2000s so I’d assume there was a lot of love. Chris was passive and shy back then so I wouldn’t be surprised if she wore the pants in the relationship. I’ve always found it odd that they had a child when their relationship was on the rocks, as if that could’ve saved their marriage. I’m glad they did though. There’s something very special about Lily.

            I agree. Jerry Cantrell said that he felt for Chris’ band members because his death would come up every time SG is discussed now. And it’s really morbid that we remember people like that. He lived such a full life despite his mental health problems. There was an article a while back comparing Badmotorfinger and Superunknown but that was a rarity on here. We should be talking about his sensitivity, emotional intelligence, musicianship, etc.. Even talking about his looks/style would be more relevant than all this sensationalistic garbage.

          • Cristiann

            So are you 🙂 I’m doing okay … things in my life are still kinda the same, though. As for what I’ve been doing this summer — I’ve been reading a lot of books, been listening to a lot of music, etcs. The heat where I live feels like hell, so I haven’t been going out that much. How about you? How are things going?

            Oh, for sure. I doubt they would’ve stayed together for as long as they did if there had never been any love between them. They certainly tried to make things work imo … still, it did not end well at all. I agree — she definitely seemed to “wear the pants” in their relationship (that was probably the case in his 2nd marriage too). And yes, I always thought that was really odd as well. A child cannot fix the problems between their parents … but like you, I’m also glad that they had Lily. She seems like a very sweet girl.

            Yeah, I feel really bad for Chris’ band mates too … especially for the SG guys. It’s been less than a decade since they reunited and released a new album together (“King Animal” was amazing imo). There were plans for at least one more album, things seemed to be going well for them again … and then last year’s tragedy happened. It’s just so awful and devastating.

            “He lived such a full life despite his mental health problems.” — My thoughts exactly. Chris accomplished so much as a person and as a musician during his 52 years of life. He had such an extraordinary career and was also a good person. A little while back there was a nice post here featuring people’s thoughts about Chris (fans from all over talking about what he meant to them, why they love his music, etcs) but yeah … sadly, the articles and comments here rarely focus on that anymore.

          • Trovoid

            I hear you. My moods have been all over the place and my body and joints just feel really tense from stress. I’ve been really trying to relax lately. I clench my jaw a lot and it has led to all sorts of problems. Besides the usual hell that is life I’ve been walking a lot, listening to and playing music, reading/watching various things. It can get hot here but nothing crazy. The long winters blow though. It seems like you can’t win unless you are in a place like California where there aren’t such extremes. BTW I always wonder what you’re like outside of this digital universe 🙂

            It seems Susan gave Chris confidence at a time when he was lacking it. As he grew as a person he seemed to retreat from her and just do drugs and get wasted. Susan had Lily at an older age (she’s 6 years older than Chris) so I’m glad Lily seemed to turn out healthy. And yeah Vicky strikes me as the type of woman who likes obedient men.

            I get so sad every time I look at Kim in particular. There seems to be this deep sadness in his eyes, kind of like Krist since Kurt died. Kim and Chris were original members and created history together. It must feel like a part of him died. I became a serious fan in 2010. I didn’t even know they had just reunited so it was really cool to start getting into them just as they were getting started again. I was so excited when King Animal came out and I think it’s a great record. It kills me that we won’t hear the next one 🙁 It just all feels so unsettling still.

            The reactions of the fans says it all. There is like an unspoken bond and understanding between serious Chris Cornell fans. I still feel he is underrated outside of his devoted fanbase. People mention how talented he is but I feel it’s not fully realized. He was easily one of the most influential musicians of all time. And his humility and sincerity is unmatched as well.

            I’m catching up on articles and I definitely will keep in touch with you. Thanks for being such a sweetheart as always and I hope things improve for the both of us.

          • Cristiann

            I’m so sorry to hear that, I really hope things get better for you. I’ve been feeling really stressed out and overwhelmed with certain things lately too, so I understand how it can be hard to relax sometimes. It’s interesting that you mentioned walking because that’s something I was doing a lot of last year. It was actually helping me a bit (I spend way too much time at home and alone) and I was just trying to get out more, but then s*** happens and it’s hard to stay motivated. Harsh winter weather can make depression worse too, so I feel you there as well. I’m not sure what’s worse … feeling sad during the holiday season or feeling sad during warm summer days? I think it’s hard either way. To be honest in real life I’m kinda like a hermit crab, lol. I’m not very fun, I rarely go out … I’m actually way more social and outgoing on the internet than I am in the real world, but I do want to work on that. I’m actually saving money for a car of my own and I want to start walking more again. It’s too bad we don’t know each other in real life because you seem like a nice person to spend time with. I find that it’s hard to make good friends as we get older.

            Yeah, I definitely think Susan helped Chris and the rest of the band a lot. I know she played a very important role in their success. Still, I think it was bad idea for her to have been his manager for so long. I can only imagine all the arguments that they probably had over work (especially during those later years). As for Chris’ substance abuse during that time … he always seemed really regretful about it. I’ve always respected him for admitting that he was a real mess during the late 90s/early 00s. I think between having problems in his first marriage, Soundgarden breaking up and loosing so many friends at such a young age … I don’t know but I think all that stuff (combined with depression) had to of been very difficult for him. I’m glad he eventually went to rehab and got his act together, though. I’m also glad that Chris and Lily were able to develop a good and loving relationship too.

            I completely agree — Chris was always so underrated imo. His musical talent was so limitless. I wonder if we’ll ever get to hear the songs Chris was working on with the rest of SG? I know they were slowly working on another album for a few years … it’d be nice if we could at least hear the demos. I’m sure they’re great.

            Hang in there, okay? You’re a great guy and it’s always a pleasure to talk to you. I really hope things improve for both of us as well. ♥️

          • Trovoid

            I’ve been getting a lot of anxiety about my youth slipping away and have been feeling like I’m running out of time to accomplish goals and experience things. I wish I could figure out how to stop being afraid of everything and just live life without trying to analyze it 24/7. I had an absolutely horrible panic attack the other night.

            I’m not surprised you’ve been walking too, I walk constantly, it’s ingrained into my routine. I don’t know what I’ll do when it gets cold again. You do know you can swear here, right Cristiann? Fuck. Shit. Cunt. I’m only teasing 🙂 You’re adorable.

            That’s a great question that I’ve also pondered. I always get more bummed out when I get summer depression (which is a regular thing for me) because I put higher expectations on feeling content when it’s nice out. Winter depression is hell though obviously. The shorter days kill me especially. Wow, I must be a hermit crab too lol. Will you just marry me already? 🙂 I agree, it’s impossible to make friends as you get older. I don’t know how to meet anyone, I get pretty lonely. I hope you’re able to get a car and stick to your goal of walking more. That could be great for you.

            Yeah I know Chris would try to be very careful to not side with either his wife or the band. I remember hearing during SG’s infamous last show (where Ben threw his bass and stormed off) that Ben slammed a door backstage and screamed at Susan when she tried to interfere with their business. I know there was tension at times and I know Chris was a ‘doormat’ as others have said. Concerning Chris’ addiction, I’ve heard that others found it concerning and strange that Chris was losing it in his mid-thirties. It makes sense though. You’re absolutely right that he couldn’t handle his failing marriage, band breaking up, friends deaths.. along with fame and worsening untreated depression.

            It’s so cool how Chris has so many fans who have gotten into his music in different ways. It shows how wide his catalog really is. I hope we will be able to hear those songs. Chris helped release his dear friend Jeff Buckley’s unreleased songs so hopefully the same happens in his case.

            Thanks Cristiann, you do the same. You’re amazing.

          • Cristiann

            “I’ve been getting a lot of anxiety about my youth slipping away and have been feeling like I’m running out of time to accomplish goals and experience things. I wish I could figure out how to stop being afraid of everything and just live life without trying to analyze it 24/7.” — Honestly, same here. I feel like I’ve wasted the last 11 years of my life because of depression. I certainly won’t be one of those people who will look back on their youth and say ‘those were the glory days!’ No, the truth is my 20s have been (so far) the most difficult years of my young life. I mean, maybe I shouldn’t say it’s been all bad. I know some people have it far worse than I do, but … yeah, my 20s have been total shit. (Btw, I feel really silly for ever thinking that I couldn’t swear here on AN, lol *blushes*). Anyway, I understand where you’re coming from because I have the same worries and insecurities. My biggest fear is that things in my life will never get better. That I’ll always be this depressed/lonely and that my life will never really amount to anything. :/

            “Wow, I must be a hermit crab too lol. Will you just marry me already?” — Well, hey … buy me a ring and we’ll see. 😉 Yeah, I don’t know how to meet anyone either. I really hate bars and nightclubs. Dating is SCARY, lol. Plus, I tend to feel very awkward in most social situations. On the bright side, though … I’m proud to say that I’ve started walking again this past week. I think you gave me a little boost of inspiration 🙂 I’m definitely tired but it’s a good kind of tired, you know? It might get harder to keep up when the weather gets colder and the days get shorter but I’m gonna keep trying.

            Oh yes, I remember reading some stuff about that last infamous performance. Things were definitely very tense during the time. I knew about Ben and Kim storming off the stage, but I don’t remember hearing about Ben and Susan arguing. It doesn’t surprise me, though. That whole situation was bound to get really awkward at some point. I agree — it’s always nice to hear how different fans were introduced to Chris’ work. I’m glad that I can still connect and bond with people over his music. In three decades he managed to give us so much to love and appreciate. And yes, I’m sure many of his friends and band mates will (eventually) help put out more of his songs too. Kim probably still has tons of SG gems hidden somewhere.

            *big hugs*

          • Trovoid

            Yeah my twenties have been awful. Honestly life was bad as a teen but by 19/20 things just took a really dark turn. I’d like to have it somewhat together while I still have energy and looks on my side. The only good thing I’ve done the last 6 years is record music (with huge gaps of doing nothing in between). I’m too passive to start a band or promote myself.

            Aww, I just like to tease 🙂 And based off the patterns of my life so far I’d say it’s safe to say that is my biggest fear as well. I’m always prepared for things to get worse and am terrified of curveballs being thrown my way. I’m afraid of suffering more than death itself.

            Alright, I’m on it. I’m broke AF but anything for you 😉 Most of the time I feel practically autistic so I understand. Dating in the modern world makes absolutely no sense. My life has been one long awkward/uncomfortable situation. I’m proud of you for walking! Keep going every day that the weather is bearable. That’s what I’ve been doing.

            I’m sure it was only awkward for a minute between Ben and Susan. Susan knew Ben was going through hard times and could get hot-headed so I doubt she took it personally. Those guys strike me as courteous when it came to getting along with each other’s wives/significant others. As awful as some of the things are that Susan did in later years it seems she and the others made a great effort to not turn it into some sort of Yoko Ono or Spinal Tap situation.

            I really want to hear the first 15 Soundgarden songs that the band always alluded to. I also want to hear Chris’ version of Ring Them Bells with the Wilson sisters (despite their big mouths in the media lately). Besides that I know there has to be a bunch of Chris Cornell home demos (where he plays all the instruments). Susan has mentioned that there were so many beautiful songs that he never released.


          • Cristiann

            It’s good that you’ve been recording music, I’ll bet you’re very talented. You should definitely keep that up and share your work someday. 🙂 I find that listening to music is very soothing for my (often overactive) mind … especially these days. I think my depression started when I was around 17 or 18. I was always someone who liked being creative and kept herself busy (writing, drawing, etcs), but then something in me seemed to change and suddenly I felt sad/down all the time. I slowly lost interest in so many of the things that I loved. After a while, I even gave up on my education (something that I’m not proud of) and that’s when the isolation started to get really, really bad. It was just so hard to stay motivated and focused. Depression isn’t something that was ever talked about in my family, so it took me years to figure out that’s what I was going through. I’ll be turning 30 next year (JFC, where does the time go?) and the last thing I want to waste another decade of my life.

            Oh, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy babe. It can just be a ring from an old gumball machine. 😀 Aww, thanks. I think the walking/exercise is even helping me sleep better at night. I often struggle with insomnia too and I’ve noticed a positive difference in just one week, so I’m definitely gonna try to keep it up.

            Yeah, I think you’re right and that fight probably wasn’t a big deal. I’m sure those guys were always respectful towards Susan. Everyone gets mad and makes mistakes sometimes. And I agree, I think (all things considered) that situation didn’t get as bad as it could have. The fact that the other SG guys were able to stay friends with both Chris and Susan clearly shows that they all worked hard to keep things fair and professional.

            I still can’t believe they haven’t released those first 15 songs. It took them years just release the b-sides album. I love Chris’ demos — they’re often just as good as the finished products. One of my favorites is the Flutter Girl home recording — it’s just so emotional and intimate. And yes, the Wilson sisters (especially Ann) have been very disappointing with the their comments lately, but I’d like to hear that song cover too. The version of “Ring Them Bells” with Layne is really beautiful.

          • Trovoid

            I remember being depressed as early as 9 years old. It slowly got worse over the years and really took off around the ages you said (17/18). I never could’ve predicted just how bad it was going to get. I understand what you mean. I used to practice music, writing, etc.. way more before worsening depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. I just turned to self-medication and escapism around college which definitely made everything worse. I gave up on my education as well. I had enough credits that later on I finished up for an associate’s degree (rather than bachelor’s) but it’s not like I’ve even used it. I turned 25 and the passage of time is hitting me hard. I’ve been having an existential crisis for like 6 years now. Here’s to wasting no more time!

            Alright doll-face, I’m going to get you a bomb-ass Ring Pop. 🙂 Glad to hear you’re sleeping better. I can’t sleep well either and over the years have literally become nocturnal from staying up so late.

            Well said about the band and Susan. I can tell she has been there for the other guys in SG since Chris died. I also like how the AIC guys never made it weird being friends with both Chris and Susan despite their animosity after their split.

            I know right? I’m really curious to what the first few years of Soundgarden were like from 1984-1986. I know they have said that their sound evolved a lot in those early years. Oh I know, I absolutely love the Flutter Girl home recording. I also used to listen to Nowhere but You a lot. They are all amazing. I love Layen’s rendition too and I hope we are able to hear Chris’ take on the song.