Howard Stern Reveals Creepy Michael Jackson & Prince Secret


Howard Stern recently revealed some of the creepy behavior when it comes to how Michael Jackson and Prince’s music has been handled since their death on a recent episode. Dave Grohl recently made an emotional recording revelation to Howard Stern. recapped: After the break Howard came right back and said tomorrow they have Tan Mom coming in for her farewell performance. He said she’s moving to Florida. He said it should be shocking and heart warming. He said it’ll be an emotional roller coaster. He said he suggested you do not miss it.

Howard said Tan Mom is going to say goodbye to them tomorrow. Fred played some clips of Tan Mom saying some wacky stuff.

Howard said he sees that Prince’s estate ended up going to his brothers and sisters. He said he read that they all ended up with it. Howard said he thinks now they’re running it and he can see they really understood Prince. Robin asked if it really matters. Howard said he sees that they sold ”Lets go Crazy” to Capital One. Howard said they really understood the guy. Howard said he thinks people know how he thinks and they wouldn’t do that to him. Howard asked if Prince wanted his stuff to be in a commercial. Robin said no. She said he was very protective of his music. Howard played the Capital One commercial that they played during the Emmys last night with the Prince song. Howard laughed as it played.

Howard said he thought about how that’s exactly what Prince wanted. Robin said they’re trying to figure out how to make every bit of money they can. Robin said you have to think about all of the money that Prince spent. She said it’s like the Michael Jackson story. She said Prince was much easier to manage. Howard Stern recently revealed sad Tom Petty rejection.

Howard said he thinks Prince would have been more of a Wells Fargo kind of guy. Robin said they’re talking about a credit card and talking about going crazy. Howard said that’s right. He said build up a lot of debt and see what happens. Howard said he didn’t even know it was a credit card. Gary said he has it. He said you can use the points you build up for anything. He said it’s kind of Prince’s fault for not leaving someone in charge. Howard said he should have left him in charge. He said he seems to care more than his own family does.

Gary said he used his Capital One points to go on a vacation recently. He said he used the ”points eraser” feature. Eddie Van Halen recently made an emotional Michael Jackson claim.