Chris Cornell’s Widow Emotionally Reaches Out To Eddie Vedder & Pearl Jam


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky recently reached out to Pearl Jam members Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, and Matt Cameron on Twitter to thank them for wearing Soundgarden and Chris Cornell shirts at a recent concert to pay tribute to the iconic singer.

She tweeted, “Thank you @PearlJam for remembering and honoring @chriscornell #familymatters #loudlove
Pearl Jam Emotionally Honor Chris Cornell Onstage For First Time … via”

Vicky also recently tweeted, “We are experiencing the greatest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime – more people than ever are fleeing their homes as a result of conflict and crisis. Today, on #WorldRefugeeDay, I’m joining @theIRC in standing w/ the world’s most vulnerable. Join us.”

View Vicky’s thank you tweet to Pearl Jam below.

While all of Pearl Jam’s members have honored Chris Cornell in their own way, members of the band including Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, and Matt Cameron collectively wore Soundgarden and Chris Cornell t-shirts onstage at the band’s second show at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

The Chris Cornell Starbucks tribute graphic first seen on a Matt Cameron t-shirt was also shown on screen at one point as the lights were dimmed down. Vicky Cornell has previously hinted at that t-shirt being available for official sale sometime soon.

Eddie Vedder wore a Nudedragons shirt, honoring Soundgarden’s first April 2010 reunion show in Seattle. McCready wore an Ultramega OK shirt, honoring Soundgarden’s classic debut album.

View photos of Pearl Jam’s touching homages below.

Eddie Vedder also had a lighthearted moment with Mike McCready, saying that when Mike was very young he told his mother “I want to be a guitar player when I grow up.” Mike’s mom replied, “Now Mike you are going to have to choose…” Ed says, “I love that one. You can’t play guitar and be a grown up! Well, Mike is all grown up and he plays guitar. Thanks for having us in your band.”

From. The. Front. Row. #pjlive2018 #mikemccready #pjamsterdam #pearljam

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Photo: marjo_lini on Instagram

Photo: marjo_lini on Instagram

  • makingconnections

    It’s been kinda nice to not read articles based on Vicki Cornell’s latest thought. Please don’t start up again–please.

    • Lisa Murphy

      Oh Fuck..I thought the same. I was like..her again??
      Ok I’m going down a dark murky hole here…but just humor me. Crime scene investigators say someone who incecently injects themself into the investigation have something to hide.
      No accusations here. It’s just disconcerting that every other week she pops up with her patently fake humble persona. Let the guy rest lady. Fans don’t need you.

      • makingconnections

        Anyone in her situation would feel guilty….that’s the elephant in the room; however her ongoing effort to let us know that she’s Chris Cornell’s widow and the mother of his children is really too much. It is time to step back, and to quit expecting adoration and sympathy because she was married to a huge talent.
        (patently fake humble persona–that’s good!)

        • Sofieann Berry

 well, creepy but true..she has stayed too close, changed her story too many times..its sad enough..go away Vicky

    • Nicola

      And I am sure you noticed the TRUE motivation there: “Vicky has hinted that the Tshirts will soon be for aale”
      EVERYTHING she does centers on profit.
      After the nastiness unleashed toward Ed by her crazy mom on social media I hope he said a big FU to her phony tweet thanking him

      • M.

        And remember that Toni K attacked the account Allthingssoundgarden (the girl who created the shirt that Matt wears), calling her Troll.

      • makingconnections

        Isn’t it amazing how it’s so easy to remember every detail of this fiasco. I remember the MIL asking us to transfer the love we had for Chris to his family and did we want them to make a tour! She was probably in shock, but I don’t think the Karayiannis women are adjusting well to not being in the spotlight. Do they not understand that it was always about Chris Cornell, and in fact for many of us, he is still with us in spirit and through his music so we don’t need them to take his place.

  • Vicki

    I think everyone who knew chris and loved his music dont need help remembering him or honouring him we can do that on our also pretty sure pearl jam never did it for vicky’s sake either.they have known chris forever.sorry but vicky grates on me a bit .well a lot really but i try to be kind

    • makingconnections

      It’s a bit of a dilemma when you have strong feelings about an issue. I try to be kind too, it really is the most important thing; however, suggesting that Vicky Cornell disengage from expecting anything at all from Chris’s fans is actually being kind to her. Her children need her undivided attention after the trauma they’ve suffered–so much more than the addicts she’s trying to help. There are many of us helping them and we are moving forward.

  • M.

    This woman does not give up, takes every opportunity where Chris is mentioned or paid homage to generate attention to herself. The funny thing about this is that PJ did not even return a greeting or a simple Like.

    • makingconnections

      She interfaces herself in every situation as though she’s a big part of the music scene and we’re wanting to hear from her. I so want to not think of the drama of the past year when I think of Chris Cornell. She has truly tampered with his legacy and it’s time for her to move on and let him be. I feel like I’m obsessive about this and probably should do as others do and simply not give it any mind.