Chris Cornell’s Doctor Unloads On Widow’s Drug Lawsuit


Late Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell’s doctor Robert Koblin has formally responded to Vicky Cornell’s wrongful death lawsuit, where she claims Koblin overprescribed the drug Ativan to her late husband.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Dr. Robert Koblin is responding to the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Cornell’s widow, Vicky. Koblin is denying all the allegations that he overprescribed medications to the “Soundgarden” star before his death, even though he was an “addiction-prone individual.”

Koblin says Cornell was “well aware” of the risks with taking the anti-anxiety meds, and argues he’s covered by a malpractice law that protects doctors when a death occurs as as result of a patient’s ongoing disease or condition.

The doctor also claims Cornell asked “not to be informed” of all the risks associated with taking anti-anxiety medication, and that he did everything in his professional capacity to help the rock legend.

Dr. Koblin believes he followed procedure to the best of his ability, and is asking that the wrongful death suit be dismissed.

Chris Cornell died by suicide in May 2017. A medical examiner ruled the cause of death as suicide by hanging, and while Ativan was found in Cornell’s system, it was not found to be part of the cause of death.