Deftones Member ‘Flat Earther’ Photo Stuns Fans


Deftones co-founder and guitarist Stephen Carpenter has faced widespread criticism for his opinions. He believes in a lot of already-debunked conspiracy theories. This was made public when he appeared on a conspiracy theory podcast in 2020, Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli.

On the episode, Carpenter revealed that he believes in a lot of conspirace theories that have already been proven false. He also revealed that he’s a flat earther. He also shared his opinion on viruses and said that you can’t really catch viruses from anybody.

Carpenter believes that humans are incapable of catching a virus from somebody. He explained that we develop viruses by having some poison or toxin inside our body, and poisoned cells from the body secrete viruses to clean them from the body.

As for being a flat earther, Carpenter shared that he simply does not believe we are living on a spinnging, flying space ball. Carpenter thinks that people are still working on finding out what depth this flat earth goes to.

Even Deftones frontman Chino Moreno said that he’s surprised Carpenter is not more of a meme. When Carpenter’s comments were spread online and he was getting backlash, he said that he never had any intent to upset anybody and was just sharing his opinions.

Recently, talk of Carpenter believing in outlandish theories has resurfaced on online forums. A user by the name of Campfire_Twiggy shared on the Deftones subreddit that he got to meet Stephen Carpenter, and the guitarist gave the fan some guitar picks. The fan shared photos of the picks, one of them having the words “Flat Earther” on it, and another one with “That’s Retarded”.

Fans have made fun of Carpenter for believing in such theories but they also commented that they love him.

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