System of a Down Singer Voice ‘Damaged’ By Health?


The prolific vocalist of System of a Down seems to have been going through a rough time. As with any singer that uses their voice to an extreme degree, there will be problems down the road. Serj Tankian is no exception to this rule, in fact, he may be seeing the worst of it due to how much he has sang throughout his very long lasting career with multiple bands.

Via Reddit, it was stated that the singer sounded incredible coming off of a bout with the virus months back which would harm the lungs and the nasal passages making it much harder to sing and hit notes that would need to be carried along for such an opera based vocalist. Fans claimed that Tankian’s voice sounded bad when he performed unknowingly with the virus last year.

A fan said, “So last night in Phoenix the band performed and it was ALOT better than their concerts in October in my opinion.

My theory was right about Serj sounding/looking off because of the undiagnosed [virus] he had and he sounded absolutely amazing. Like for modern Serj standards, he exceeded himself and to be honest, sounded the best he has since 2015.

We can only hope it gets better from here!”

Some fans disagreed and said that they heard the singer sing better elsewhere. The take away from the discussion is that his voice (while not be exactly where are used to be) is in fact still there and progressing to the point of getting close enough to where he sounded on original System of a Down records.

The debate that took place on Reddit came to a close when one user said that the energy at the concert was insane. This is great news for System of a Down fans as it seems like the bands are finally getting back to where they were. As many already know, the band had seen many falling outs both musically and in a relationship aspect.

Please be sure to check out the YouTube video below to see for yourself how you feel about Serj’s voice and the band at the most recent concert (at the time of this article). Are System Of A Down back? Or will they fade away into obscurity once again leaving the scene that they helped to build so many years ago? We will continue to follow their upcoming shows as well.