Chris Cornell’s Widow Confronts Troll Impersonating Family Dog


Recently the anti-Vicky Cornell message board trolls have had an obsession with Chris Cornell’s dog Polo, and have even created a fake Polo Cornell Twitter account. Over the weekend the fake account attempted to troll and harrass Vicky, who responded: “Are you for real?”

She also wrote to the fake dog account after they mentioned one of her children, “I asked u not talk about my children. U want to pretend to be polo – by all means but u do not know us so do not pretend to unless you do????”

Vicky added, “Unless u want to let us know who u are please do not refer to any of our 3 children or allege whereabouts. thnx for your understanding.”

She later deleted the tweets.

Chris Cornell’s former solo band guitarist Pete Thorn discussed Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil’s eulogy at Chris Cornell’s funeral, where he discussed Chris’ love of dogs, in a YouTube comment several months ago.

“Yes, it helped, while also being really really incredibly hard. The guy was loved by folks from all walks of life, that’s for sure. Kim talking about how he treated everyone with respect and hated bigotry- how he didn’t discriminate by ethnicity, sex, or even species- about how some of his best friends were DOGS, 🙂

Neighborhood strays that he’d play with, wrestle with and take camping sometimes- there was a dog named Bill- ha. It was amazing. I was able to smile a bit at that moment. Beautiful service.”

  • Olga Stewart

    Maybe it’s just me but I find it quite hilarious that Vicky is telling off someone who is impersonating the family dog (or he is still the family dog? I don’t know).

    So basically, Vicky is railing against an ‘internet dog troll’. Ha ha!

    • Antionettesees

      Oh it’s funny as can be!

  • Chris S.

    What exactly is an “anti-Vicky Cornell message board” troll?

    • Nicola

      Apparently anyone who doesn’t kiss her ass and buy into the narrative she’s selling

  • Antionettesees

    Pretty sure VIcky Cornell also commented that she was involving her lawyer regarding this Polo account. lol

  • Antionettesees

    Pretty sure VIcky Cornell also commented that she was involving her lawyer regarding this Polo account. lol

  • No Troll

    Ridiculous! But, then again, VK never had trouble kicking a dog while he was down, so this assault against Twitter Polo isn’t surprising in the least. That dog had nothing but kind things to say about Chris, his family, and his life with them. Just another excuse for VK to whine and garner attention from those who continue to lick her, uh, toes. It looks like VK might finally be going off the rails. Might be that guilty conscious kicking in . . . 🤔

    • Olga Stewart

      I mentioned before on here that someday that this would catch up with Vicky. And I hope that she would be able to handle it.

      Well, we can see the result of the handling it part in regards to what this article is about.

  • Kay B

    I heard Polo can’t take Vicky anymore and he is packing his doggy bags and heading to Vegas.

    • makingconnections

      i’ll bet he’s one bewildered dog….wasn’t he away for training learning to protect the family.?

      • Nicola

        Yeah, that is the line of BS the crazy MIL fed social media. However many suspect there was an unhappy ending to Polo’s tenure in the Cornell home. Will be interesting to see if he ever reappears from his alleged “training” sabatical. I suspect not.

        • makingconnections

          Everything’s questionable in that household it seems, right down to Chris’s dog. Geez.

      • Olga Stewart

        And he probably misses Chris like anything.

        • makingconnections

          I’m sure he’s pining away for him Olga; however, it’s nice to think of the children having Polo (I hope) to love at this time.

          • Olga Stewart

            Yes, it is (in regards to the children). :).

            And also, Chris is now up there in heaven with not only Andy but also all of the animals who were a part of his life (as pest).

          • makingconnections

            –and the ones he took camping. . . i love the idea of giving your dog friends a break from the City!

          • Tara McGavan

            She got rid of the real dog as fast as she did Chris’s remains…says w a trainer…b.s.

          • makingconnections

            …but in this picture of the homecoming of Grandmother, isn’t Polo with the gang greeting her?
            I can’t bear to think of the coldness with which Chris’s body was treated by the Karayannis family. . I have a friend whose husband died recently and she’s taking him halfway across the country to be buried in the part of the land that he loved and called home.

          • Olga Stewart

            Yes, Polo was in those photos.

            And when I found out that Chris was going to be buried where he was, I asked my husband why wasn’t he buried in Seattle (where he was born).

            My husband said that he probably lived in the area where he was going to be buried.

            Yes, that made sense.

            But he was a son of Seatte before he was a son of anywhere else. So I feel that is where he should have been buried.

          • Olga Stewart

            Also, I am very sorry to hear about the passing of your friend’s husband.

            And my thoughts and sympathies are with her.

    • Olga Stewart

      That’s one smart dog. *BG*

  • Brooke Kelley

    Who the heck calls a dogs twitter account a troll. The account did nothing but share Polo. Why is this even news worthy? Oh and she mentions lawyers….always threatening with her lawyers. Now the accounts gone, but it’s ok for her minions to have an IG account to make fun of SS. This woman and her family are just gross, get off SM.

  • Carrie Walker

    U should stay off social media and get a life,why are you so obsessed with what is being said about you? Maybe because it is true and you feel guilty about what you have done to Chris.Lady you need to get some serious prayers going!!! I hope Polo is in good hands.

  • getoffmylawn

    Vickie needs to get off all social media (and getting her nose done) and concentrate on her children’s well being. But, of course, she won’t, because it’s all about her. R.I.P., Chris. You are greatly missed.

  • Lilly

    Vicky sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic! Makes me happy that Polo is in better hands, he
    sure dodged that bullet.